New! Etsy Link in Comments

How does a new way to build links to your Etsy Shop sound?


One Small Step at A Time

I’ll tell you one thing I’ve learned for sure… it’s usually not one huge source that gets you all your traffic. Instead, it’s the combined results of lots (LOTS) of little efforts built-up over time.

This new feature on the blog here at (and help toward that big goal.

Whenever you leave a comment on a new post, you’ll have the opportunity to add your Etsy Shop name (username only) and have a link labeled My Etsy Shop: appear beneath your name in the comments list. Share your shop with the world! :-)

Super Easy, Super Powerful

One of the great things about the community of readers here at Everything Etsy is that we all love handmade and vintage on Etsy. We just dig it and we love to discover great new shops.

So link away and click away. Let’s support each other.

It’s very easy. Just fill out the field at the bottom of your comment and the link gets added automagically.


I only ask one thing… please leave a real comment and not just a “Hello” so you can get your link in. I know you’ve got something to say so let’s hear it. You will be so surprised how much better response you get when you leave a comment that really contributes to the conversation, or starts one! I’m just sayin’.

So give it a try!

My wonderful husband, Tim, figured out how to modify an existing Twitterlink WordPress Plugin to do this. If you’re interested in learning more about the plugin, he has a page for it at Crazy Tree Media.

{speaking of which, have you seen the amazing new WordPress Packages he’s offering? You can get his help on your new blog and try out my secret weapon! He’ll make it easy for you to get started with your own WordPress site!}

How else do you build links to your Etsy Shop? What works for you? Share your thoughts (and your link) in the comments!

~ Kim


  1. says

    I love that you built this website/blog. I follow you on FB and check here often, although never comment.
    How fabulous that you are giving us all the opportunity to share our shops!
    A big THANK YOU to all you do!

  2. Kalurah says

    I find Pinterest to be an extremely useful tool in promoting items in my shop. I make Pinterest boards in the same way you do Treasuries.
    I also get a lot of traffic from other people pinning my items. Facebook is another invaluable tool. If not for Facebook, I am sure many of my items would go unnoticed. Facebook definitely has its place. But its everywhere and everyone is on it. So why not use it to better promote your business! :)

  3. says

    What a terrific idea! I have been selling on Etsy for a while now and sellers need to promote their own shop/items in everything they do. Etsy doesn’t have a formalized marketing/advertising program that I know of so sellers have to do it for themselves. No problem……but it does take a lot of effort, computer time, etc.

    I try to do a little promoting of my shop everyday with twitter, facebook, Etsy Teams, lots of convos, pinterest….besides my individual promotions to my buyers in their orders.

    Thanks and I’ll go follow you on fb now.

  4. says

    Superb idea, I don’t do a lot, I only opened my shop in May but through my blog and facebook I’ve generated sales. Once I have more time on my hands when children are at school I’ll be able to promote more (I hope!)

    Love the birdhouses – see the plan works!

  5. says

    What a great idea! I am always looking for ways to promote my shop. Does anyone know of other website that do not cost money, but would not be considered spam?

  6. Laura says

    I follow your Pinterest boards and really enjoy them. I also have been following etsypreneur and appreciate the advice. I use pinterest, facebook, and twitter the most and get views from all three. I think this new plugin is awesome!

  7. says

    What an awesome feature! You guys totally rock!

    First of all, a no-brainer: I like to make sure to have my shop URL in the signatures of any forums I participate in or blogs I comment on so that right away people can see what I’m all about (: I actually had one customer that told me they found my shop on Etsy by clicking through on my signature link from one website because my avatar (one of my products) had piqued their interest! Score! (;

    Another helpful thing has been including the URL of my shop in my profiles on things like Instagram, Forkly (a foodie site/app), and other sharing sites and services. Turns out that when people see one of my restaurant reviews on foursquare (for example) and totally like or agree with it, they go to my profile to see what else I like and bam! there’s my website all ready for them to check out ;D

    Back to link building, though, I think sites like Wanelo, Pinterest, and Kaboodle are really awesome. The other day I was googling one of the keyword phrases that I want to rank for, and my image was in the top row of the Google results (I may have squealed!), but it was a link to the listing of my product, an octopus plushie! Now I know direct traffic would be better, but that site could only take customers to my Etsy shop because that’s the only place to purchase that item.

    Thanks again for building such a neat tool (not to mention one of the greatest sites on the entire internet for resources for Etsy sellers!), I’ll have to click through more often rather that catching your guys’ articles in my feed reader/email! (:

  8. Cynthia Kirby says

    Brilliant! I’m constantly soaking up all of your ideas and suggestions and really appreciate any chance to promote my shop!

  9. Michelle Mach says

    Cool idea! Pinterest has worked well for me, as have Facebook and Twitter. I know I have gotten sales directly from those links. I experiment with others like Wanelo, but I’m mostly concentrating on those three.

  10. says

    This is a great feature. I rarely leave comments since I’m so unsure of all things computer! I’m never sure if I’m doing things correctly. I’ve enjoyed checking out several of the above shops. Thanks.

  11. says

    This is such agreat news! I have been a follower of everythingety and etsypreneur for a while and it is so cool to have this extra help from you all! Thank you!

  12. says

    Clearly Tim is THE MAN. Actually, I thought this was already happening to some sort of magical extent because I do get visits to my shop that originate from here. Go figure. It’ll be interesting to note if there are now more. Thanks!

  13. says

    Wow! We were out to dinner and came back to all these wonderful comments. I’m so happy it’s working well for everyone. Tim spent a bunch of time typing away at his computer to get this to work and I think it will be a great little addition to all future comments.

    You can’t get too many opportunities to share your shop, right? I’ll be checking out all the shop links tomorrow. :)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and show your support.


  14. says

    I include a signature in all my emails that has my shop name/URL (including etsy convos).

    I have a blog that frequently features my shop

    I use primarily use these social media outlets: twitter, pinterest, facebook, flickr & craftgawker


  15. Lee Anne says

    Oh my gosh, how fabulous!! Your hubby rocks! You guys always amaze me with all of your ideas!! I love following you on Pinterest too and seeing all the cool things you pin!! Thanks so much!!

  16. says

    I really like being able to link to my shop through a comment! I promote my shop through my blog (I have it listed as a separate page on my blog), through my email signature, via Twitter and Facebook, and pin to Pinterest occasionally (I’m not sure how much I can pin without it being considered merely self-promotion). If anyone has any advice on exactly what to say on Facebook, I’d love to hear it. I ask questions, I post some of my items, I link to treasuries, I just throw out random status updates . . . and all my stats are showing low numbers of people seeing my posts. Thanks!

  17. says

    Hey Kim – I’m new to your site and have been getting email updates and I follow you on FB. Thank you for your very helpful and interesting posts. I have found most of my sales have been off FB – so I keep plugging there. I’m also thinking of advertising. Will see how it goes though. Nat

  18. says

    Thank you for being on the cutting edge of advice and resources for all of us Etsy sellers….you guys are awesome!!
    I use Facebook, a little Pinterest (need to do more there),and have a URL to my shop in my email addresses. I definitely need to get my views up, so everyone’s advice from above posts is very helpful!

  19. says

    I keep seeing so much about WordPress blogs, and I realy wish I could have done more with mine. I can’t remember how to log into it anymore! But whether I figure it out or make a new one, I will keep your website bookmarked so I can use the valuable tips. Whoever said you could have too many blogs? — Because I certainly have a ton! (:

  20. says

    What a great way to keep us onnected and ….wow! just from browsing thru comments i found 5 new shops i love!

    I tend to get frustrated at times with selling on etsy…not enough traffic…not enough new stuff to put up so I stay at the TOP of the page…this is a great way to generate new lookers!

  21. says

    Thanks so for creating another way for etsy shop owners to promote our shops. Promoting my shop does not always come easy for me. Thanks again!

  22. says

    I just discovered this site *today*, and I am so so grateful! I love this new plug-in and look forward to becoming a part of this community. By supporting each other, we will be supporting ourselves. : )

  23. says

    Okay I really needed to see this for myself since it is so freaking cool. Was this hard to add because I really want to add it to my blog. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could get people’s Etsy shop listed in my comments section than one day do a huge surprise and feature a bunch of links on my blog. Now I’m thinking in comments…

  24. says

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog – it’s motivational as well as informative. And now this will give me incentive to do more commenting – thanks!

  25. says

    Wow, I can’t believe it took me this long to read this post! What a fantastic idea. I have a similar idea for a blog that I have, not craft related. Thank you for continuing to give me inspiration. I look forward to getting your posts in my inbox!

  26. says

    Thanks for the great response! I have been visiting shops listed in this post and I tweeted some this morning. The links make it easy to visit…yay! :)


  27. says

    What a fantastic tool – thank you so much for sharing :)
    My friend and I have just started our Etsy account and are slowly building our stock in there – this is another fantastic way to promote the shop – let’s hope it brings our first sale!!!

    Thank you again for your amazing work,
    Cath and Helen

  28. Rose Anne says

    I am such a green newbie when it comes to promotion.. I don’t like to be pushy and I think to get traffic to my shop, I need to be! I have a habit of promoting other shops that I like, whose work I admire. When I came to this blog, I thought, what a great site where I could learn a thing or two. Hopefully, I will become a better promoter of my shop. I appreciate this opportunity. You rock… no really, you do!!!!!

  29. says

    Here’s another newbie looking for easy ways to promote my Etsy Shop. Believe me, I’m trying to understand everything that I read, but it’s obvious that my talent lies at the sewing machine. Thanks for the new ideas.

  30. says

    I have been a buying member of Etsy for years, but only started selling on Etsy a few months ago. So far it has been a lot of fun (several orders so far!) and I have enjoyed looking at the creativity of other Etsy shop owners too. I was pleased to see your blog and facebook pages and I follow them all. Thanks!

  31. Heather says

    Thank you so much for such a fabulous new tool! I’ve been following this blog for ages (you inspire me!), but I have only recently opened a shop on Etsy, and this blog (and Etsypreneuer) have been such a huge help to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  32. Deanna says

    In addition to some great Etsy teams, I use facebook and pinterest. I sometimes feel overwhelmed at the time it takes to promote, but it does pay off – it’s so exciting when a blog picks up one of your items and posts it!

    • says

      Deanna – Keep it up with the social media. It can take a little time but as you get used to working with it you’ll find it easier {and well worth the effort}. Comment on blogs you enjoy reading will help bring a few new people to your shop. And if they like the same blogs as you do, they are more likely to love your shop. :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  33. says

    I started etsy almost three years ago and did promotions, teams and such. I also started doing facebook, twitter and recently pinterest. I have worked on my shop quite a bit and have seen some success.
    I felt like I needed to be more proactive as I first was now that I know what direction I am going and what I really want to do. I was doing research and found you guys. I must say I am here to stay. I have found more information in the last 15 minutes looking around your blog than I have in the last few months. Youo guys have found a new follower to your wonderful advice. Thank you for your effort and hardwork

    • says

      Joseph –
      Thanks so much for your comment! I do think you get out what you put into your business and knowing the right direction to go is a big part of success. When I first started selling on Etsy it was just a hobby so it took a ton of tweaking as I went along to turn it into a business. Social media can be a major help! Grow your followers and you will be thrilled with the results. Starting a blog and a email list might be useful to you in the future.

      Thanks for joining our Everything Etsy community of sellers! I look forward to watching your shop grow!


      Don’t miss our resource page with lots of info on what we’ve found helpful. :)

  34. says

    Wow! this is a very good idea!! Im really glad with this plugin+how to build it! I’m using WP as well, so I think I will give it a try :)

    I’m building up my Etsy link by social media and communities, play their “games” and active in bloggers community, since I have website/blog (by posting the link of the new blog post on the communities), and I also have Etsy badge and Mini Etsy on the blog, and it’s a good traffic!!

    I’m using Etsy traffic source to check where my traffics came from. And this month, I’m surprised that Google+ is almost leading its way. It came after Facebook and before Pinterest!! Never happened before.

    Participating in games and being active in the games so far giving me the most results, all sales are from the communities’ “games” and now im trying to find a new way, so that people can find it “ohh..there is something new” :)

    Thank you so much and I’ll let you know how it works for me! 😀

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