Craft Show Tips & Display Ideas

Craft shows can be a profitable way to sell your handmade creations, and displays play a big part in getting a second look from relaxed shoppers strolling by.

Get their attention with a well designed booth that shares your work in the best light while giving them easy-to-understand pricing and selections.

Here are a few fabulous displays to spark your creativity…


{Into Vintage – Etsy shop:: Peppermint Bark}

This chalkboard ideas is super cute and easy to make!  It would get my attention from a distance and bring me in for a closer look.

Have you used chalkboard paint in your display?  If you haven’t, it might be time to give it a try!  You can even change the sign to meet your needs in seconds.

3499590242_4239dc1259 {Something’s Hiding in Here}

Got small items?  Try this fun display idea.  The fish bowls are a cute and the little price signs make it easy to shop.

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 28 11.06

{Jillian Frances}

Cover bricks with burlap or your favorite fabric for a beautiful jewelry display.  What a cleaver idea…I wish I thought of it!


{Katie Daisy}

Repurposed dressers and small cabinets are always cute!  Grab the next one you see by the dumpster and give it a new life. :)



I’ve been a fan of these Ginger Cake little owls for years!  This shelf lined with sweet little stuffed creatures is sure to attract customers for afar.  She also has everything clearly labeled for easy shopping.


{Amy Frank}

Turn everyday items into great display props.  Shop around your house or you local thrift stores.  Look for items that will give your display a little height to keep it interesting.

Don’t miss any creative display ideas!  Check out these…

What’s you favorite display idea? 



  1. says

    I love all the ideas I see for craft fairs. Except, I sell large items. Quilts, baby blankets, and tote bags. I never see any suggestions for larger items. Any suggestions would help! Thanks. Keep up the great work!

  2. says

    I love these display ideas but I agree with Amy J as I have large items like quilts and totes and would LOVE to see some display ideas for these.

  3. Janice says

    My daughter and I started. Once Upon A Bow almost a year ago. We do craft fairs and vendor shows. We are always looking for new stuff for our booth.

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