Vintage Puzzle Magnets {DIY Gifts}

DIY Gifts - State Puzzle Magnets - Everything

Vintage puzzle magnets are quick and easy handmade gifts!  Make one for each state you’ve visited!  We love maps of all kinds so state map puzzle pieces were my first choice for this project.

This is a great gift idea for the people on your list that have EVERYTHING! :)  I love the look of vintage puzzles and I think they turned out just right!

DIY Vintage State Puzzle Piece Magnets - Everything Etsy 6

One puzzle will make LOTS of magnets, so just make sure you buy enough magnets when you shop for supplies.  They were kinda pretty just sitting in a jar…but I had bigger plans for these.

DIY Gift State Puzzle Magnets - Everything Etsy 2

 What states would you love to have? 

DIY Gifts - Vintage Puzzle Piece Magnets - Everything Etsy 4

While I was in the magnet making mood I created these sweet vintage wooden puzzle magnets…I love them!

The little red pull makes them extra special and you can tell they’re a puzzles piece right away.  These magnets are tough and I’m sure they’ll be around many more years.

Deer Vintage Puzzle Piece Magnets - Everything Etsy 5

 The little deer is one of my favorites!

Puzzle Magnets - Glue

You only need a few simple supplies…

  • Vintage puzzle pieces
  • magnets of your choice
  • E6000 craft glue


  • Use just a tiny drop of glue…it really spreads!
  • Using a thin magnet strip?  You might want to place a water bottle or something heavy {that won’t stick forever} on top to hold it flat until it’s dry.
  • Vintage puzzles can be found on Etsy!

Dwarf Vintage Puzzle Piece Magnets - Everything Etsy 3

Vintage puzzle pieces are so charming don’t you think?  Do you remember puzzles like this from when you were a tiny tot?  Happy memories…I’m sure. :)

These magnets are such an easy gift idea…make some now and save them!

Which ones are your favorite?


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  1. judy hall says

    What a fabulous idea! I think the state magnets are darling and would be a great activity for bored children. I have a 5 yr. old grandson who would love to stand in front of my refrigerator and “put his country together!”

  2. says

    Rad! When my mom went to Iowa as an exchange student in the early 70’s, she brought home (to Sweden) the very same map puzzle as seen above (think there might a few differences though, but all in all it looks pretty much the same). I love this puzzle a lot! Really cool idea to turn it into magnets.

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