25 DIY Home Organization Ideas

25 Home Organization Ideas - DIY Storage Solutions

Oh my gosh, have you seen all the cool DIY home organization ideas on Pinterest?  Could you use a little organization like me?  How do things get soooo out of control?

Handmade Meets Home Organization

I love pretty boxes and baskets, but I hate to pay for them.  When you need 10 boxes at once it can sure add up quick!  That’s why making containers to match your home decor is the best way to go!

Anyway…enough about me and my mess.  Here are 25 DIY home organization ideas you’ll want to take a peek at for sure.  Get in the spirit of organizing and make a few!

  1. Fabric Storage Boxes – Make It and Love It
  2. Tiered Glass Bowls – Dollar Store Crafts
  3. Rope Covered Containers – Creative in Chicago
  4. Chalkboard Calendar – BHG
  5. Little Fabric Buckets – Ric Rac
  6. Crate Cover Tutorial – Note from the Patch/Laura Gunn
  7. Rolling Magazine Cart – Beyond the Picket Fence
  8. Organizing Labels {Printables} – BHG
  9. Numbered Canvas Bins – Positively Splendid
  10. Pretty Fabric Covered Boxes – I Heart Organizing
  11. Shabby Chic Tin Can Caddy – Shabby Chic Inspired
  12. Bracket Magazine Rack – This Old House
  13. Block Print Canvas Containers – Hipster’s Tea Party
  14. Magnetic Makeup Board – J House Tawk
  15. Frame Ribbon Holder – Scrapbooks Etc.
  16. Fabric Covered Plastic Bins – Woman’s Day
  17. Burlap Fabric Box Tutorial – EcoKaren
  18. No Sew Dish Towel Decorated Boxes – Sweet C’s Designs
  19. Under the Bed Storage Box – DIY Life
  20. Recycled Paper Basket – Design Sponge
  21. Ribbon Organizing Box – Martha Stewart
  22. Painted Pastel Jars – Kootut Murut
  23. Closet Organizer for Him – Lookie What I Did
  24. Chalkboard Wall Calendar – Martha Stewart
  25. DIY Magazine Holders – SITS Girls

That ought to get you started on the road to being super organized!

So many of these ideas can be made with things I bet you already have around the house…ya gotta love that!!!

Have you made any of your own storage containers?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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  1. says

    Beads and wire are taking over my house!! Any storage ideas for organizing a million different types and colors of beads, spools and pieces of wire, etc? Thanks!!

    • Hannah says

      Hi! I wish I could post a pic of what I did – i make jewelry too and my crap was taking over! bead i put in jars and different little fun containers ive saved, and the wire is rolled and put on a hook on a peg board. it works SOOOOO well. i can see it all so I know what I have, but its out of my way!

  2. says

    Hey Anna! Beads and wire…sounds like fun! When I was in high school my dad gave me a little cabinet thingy made for holding nuts and bolts to organize all my beads. It had about 30 little plastic drawers and worked great!

    I’m at a loss about what to do with the wire…lol!


  3. says

    Lisa – I know exactly what you mean and it seems like I never have the tutorials when I’m in the mood to organize a bit…now I do.

    I’m glad it can help you too! Thanks for your sweet comment!


  4. says

    Thank you so much for featuring my closet organizer. I just realized I was getting a lot of traffic from your website and I really appreciate the shout out.

  5. says

    love your site, first of all. I recently discovered that if I cut the top of my medium size Arm & Hammer scoopable cat litter boxes, and wrapped them in my favorite wrapping paper, that they were the perfect size to store my scrap paper in without bending the paper. and they fit nicely on my bookshelf. I just cut the box like a magazine box angled on the side. wrapped, secured with adhesive spray, and a label for the end. :)

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