Are You Being Yourself Online?


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No woman is an island. We may wish we were on an island, but that’s a different story altogether.

The point I’m making is that we’re all part of a community, or more accurately a number of communities.

We’re friends, daughters, moms, etsy sellers, craftahaulics, vintage freaks, bloggers, women. The list goes on. (men reading this, please substitute terms to your liking!)

One of the dramatic changes we’re seeing in our lifetime is that many of our communities are now online. We interface through a screen and a keyboard or a cell phone.

That can be a little odd can’t it? For me it’s been even more pronounced because the move to working online happened at the same time we moved to a new town in real life. I’ve had to learn online relationships “boot camp” style. And I’ve made my share of mistakes in the process.

One of the things I’ve learned is that it’s okay to be real. Really be yourself online.

Share Some of Yourself Online — Be Real!

The internet gives you so many chances to do this. Your blog is a great place to talk about what you like to eat or where your family goes on vacation. Go ahead and talk about your dog or your kids, people like some of that.

Just be careful not to make that all your blog is about. Readers like to learn about you…a little. They mostly want to learn about what they want to learn about. (which is the overall subject of your blog)

Don’t stop with your blog. Social sites like Pinterest and mobile apps like Instagram are great ways to share what inspires you without the need for many words. I really feel like I get to know people through social media.  I won’t go off on a whole rant on how I love Pinterest, but you get the idea.  You are beautiful so share a little more!

Do you find it easy to share about your life online?  Is all this new social media growing on you? 



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    I love pinterest, too. I do feel like maybe I am “too much” of myself . . .this issue or that issue, always feelings slightly overwhelmed with not enough time for family or not enough time on the ever-growing etsy to-do-list. I actually put a message in my shop that said I am a mom to 4 kids – let me know if deadlines are urgent, otherwise, I’m slow during summer. How awful is that? Summer is my busiest time, but also least convenient.

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    Great post! Sometimes it’s hard balancing how much of the blog should be personal and how much shouldn’t. But I have found that 7 of the 10 most popular posts on my blog were all very personal posts! So that tells you something about what people like to hear. I think they like to know you’re a real person.

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    As someone who is new to blogging I’m hoping that the person that is me comes through in my posts. I just worry about people finding it boring! My two sons are mortified that I may refer to them – but that’s normal I guess. I just know that when I was teaching, sharing parts of my homelife helped to create a bond with pupils and made me a person not just a teacher :)

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    I think I’ve been less eager to share information about myself since it’s not always lead to a good thing. I try to share a little bit of who I am on different sites like my blog, pinterest and so forth. It’s easy to know what I like at least even if you don’t know much about me as a person.

    Great blog post though!

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    I have to be so careful how much of me I share as I’m a secondary school teacher. I would love to be a bit more open but at the risk of one of my students finding my site I can’t- it makes blogging difficult at times!

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