Summer Road Trip {Etsy Finds}

How about a Summer road trip?  It’s the perfect time of year to hop in the car, see the sights and enjoy nature.  I would go just about anywhere right now…ha!  I’m always ready for a vacation!

Summer is here and trip planning is in full gear!

Check out these fun ideas to get you started on a memorable trip…


Honestly, you might need a new {old} vintage suitcase to start your trip off with a smile!  Great color!  {Get Ready Set Go}


How’s this for trip planning??  This fabulous travel print from Flourish Cafe is way too cool!  We have been travel nuts FOREVER {check out our blog, Forever Wherever}!  This is how we love to roll!


This custom travel journal {Modern Shabby} would be a great gift for anyone you know going on a trip, traveling abroad or just for a day-to-day journal of life.

What a beautiful spot to keep all you hope and dreams!


Need a travel alarm clock?  This stylish vintage clock is just the right size to travel the world with you.  {Lincara Vintage}


Keep the little ones busy with a handmade crayon roll from Kate Williams Designs.  It’s many hours of entertainment rolled up in a pretty package!


This personalized journal is fun for the young and young-at heat!  You’ll love that this creative journal has pockets for pencils and extra little treasures collected along the way.  Very, very cool!  {stitchinnetka}

Whether you are going to travel soon or just enjoy dreaming of far off places, you’ll love all the fun travel related finds on Etsy.,

Are you planning a trip this summer? Tell me about it…that’s one of my favorite subjects!



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    My hubby & I just got back from a 10 day road trip…yesterday! That journal looks like a great jumping off point for the scrapbook I’m going to make for our trip. We went to 4 baseball stadiums and can’t wait to do this same in another part of the country!

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    Such fun finds! Last summer my friend and I did a road trip around New England. It was so much fun to just get in the car and drive! We had our route planned out and came across so many little fun towns along the way, can’t wait to do a trip like that again!

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    What a fun and colorful and lovely site. I’m going to poke around more. :) Meanwhile, I can’t remember how I found you but I’m glad I did! I saw the crayon roll for travel (oh, maybe travel was how I got here!) and it made me think that if you do this again next year, I make travel chalk mats! But anyhow, off to explore (love the colors and links and everything!!). Thanks!

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