DIY Ombre Painted Utensils

Hi, I’m Jaime from Raising Up Rubies, come on…let’s make stuff together ♥

so I’ve been spending a lot of time at Target lately :)

checkin’ out the super cute stuff for summer…I’ve had my eye on these paint dipped bamboo utensils

have you seen ’em??

but at $8 a pair…my brain’s thinkin’ we can make these

really just ’cause it’ll be downright fun…

so I spend a lot of time on Pinterest too :)

(don’t we all?)

and I’m noticing all things ombre…which totally floats my boat

I love anything that has graduated colors

(i’ m a sucker for color)

the 2 ideas were merged to create these pretties in the photo above ♥

just a few things

oh so very simple to do in an afternoon of crafting

(bonus: you can get other stuff done during drying time in between coats)

so let’s start with just a few things…

~ just a few things ~

Supplies needed:

1. acrylic paint colors that you ♥

2. white acrylic paint (not pictured)

3. brush

4. painters tape (at any hardware store)

5. if needed ~  polyurethene (also not pictured)

(the poly is optional for heavy usage & durability…will get to this later :)


~ measure ~

using the tape, mark each utensil at the desired height

be sure to press firm to keep any paint from bleeding through


~ paint ~

bust out the cuteness! & paint up to the tape

i did two coats of the first color with 30 minutes of dry time in between each one

first color

~ first color ~

in the same paint mix in some white paint to achieve the graduated color your looking for

more white = lighter shade

less white = darker shade

(just sayin’ :)

apply a new piece of  tape  1/3 of the way down each time, again making sure to press firm

(really make sure the paint is dry between each coat…so it doesn’t peel off when you remove it)

here’s the graduation of color…


~ 1-2-3 ~

repeat the same process 2 times!

(for the 2nd & 3rd color I only needed one heavy coat since the first color really covered the wood)

so as I mentioned earlier about the polyurethane…

i had a can left over from another project

I completly submerged each handle into the poly right up to the paint line then hung them to drip dry completely, then repeated that process 2 more times

it really makes them shiny & super scratch/wash proof

the paint I used was multi-surface Martha Stewart  High Gloss enamel paint

it says on the label that it is water & weather resistant :) so I’m thinking you don’t need to coat it with a polyurethane

but can if it makes you feel better about them enduring lots of use

just a side note: if you do dip it, be sure not to use the handle side in any part of the cooking process!

(again…just sayin’…but hopin’ you already know that :)

all done

~ all done ~

so easy right?! and super cute ♥

i think these make me want to cook more :)

much loves


Meet Jaime…Everything Etsy’s new contributor!  I know you are going to love her as much as I do!

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My name is Jaime from Raising up Rubies ♥ stay at home mama to 2 girls and wife to a handsome hubby

…my love is for all things crafty and i feel so blessed to have a super cute space to play & create in…

I’m super happy to be here as a regular contributor for Everything Etsy…a real pinch me please moment!

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  1. says

    love that idea, have been looking for quick add on for when someone purchases an apron and was thinking sm wooden spoons… this would spruce them up… I could even colours to match!

  2. says

    Megan – What a cool idea! A spoon would be such a cute addition to your aprons. Thanks for sharing your plans!


  3. says

    I keep seeing this DIY project in various places. I’m taking it as a sign that this should be added to my “to-do” list. Thank you for showing me just how simple it is :)


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