Creative Workspace Inspiration

I’m always gathering fabulous workspace ideas so that I can find a new idea here and there that would be just what I need at home.

Pay attention to the details of these beautiful workspaces and you might just find the right basket, perfect storage idea, or the most amazing chair you’ve ever seen.

It’s the details of a space that really make it shine.  

IMG_2804-e1335025970256 (1)

This beautiful workspace belongs to Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion…check out lots of photos and an interview at Style at Home.

Picture-125{The Frugal Materialist}

I enjoy finding new ways to use a small space.  I love this clever workspace that won’t even take you a weekend to create.

www.themarionhousebook_rect540 {The Marion House Book via Apartment Therapy}

Design prints online?  Have limited space?  This is the perfect workspace for you! {I need the rug…just saying!}

550_101632752 (1) {BHG}

This one might be my favorite of the day!  There are days when I think a Shabby Chic room would be perfect, but today this clean and organized space is calling my name.  I love everything about it!

I imagine my favorite craft supplies tucked away in those baskets.  My little computer on the desk and my happy self sitting in that FABULOUS chair!

Can you believe that desk???  I soooo need it!

What’s your dream creative space like?  Is it full of fabric and a sewing machine?  Is it all pink and pretty? Do tell!


If you love organization ideas… you should see this beautiful list of DIY ideas:

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  1. says

    I just want AAAA space LOL. But I love the shabby chic or cottage chic look and have dreams of a space with that decor….and lots of fabric!

  2. says

    I am half way there to my “dream space”. I love the spaces you have pictured here. My only wish right now is to someday have a seperate room to create in. I want a wall full of fabric!

  3. says

    Lot’s of light, I love these “princess” work areas. I have brick walls that I painted bright white and I copied one of your featured rooms and made a pink chandelier with a lot of “bling.”

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