Set Goals for Your Etsy Business


Create goals for your Etsy business and kick off 2012 with a clear plan for success!

Everyone’s idea of a successful handmade business isn’t the same.  Some people have Etsy shops as a hobby or to fund their ever- growing craft habit {ha!}, while others are striving to grow their handmade business into a future dream job.  Whatever your idea of success is, goals are a great way to get there.

Your Handmade Business Goals

1.  Know what you want from your business and keep your goals in line with what you want.

2.  Create exciting goals! Be ambitious and set challenging goals that you’ll want to strive toward all year long.

3.  Try using a vision board to keep you on the right track.  Something creative could help you more than the latest computer software or daily planner.  Use what works for you.

4.  Take baby steps.  Larger goals can seem overwhelming if don’t break them down into smaller steps. Try starting with a year-end goal and working backwards to create monthly or weekly steps to get you to your goal.

5.  Meeting even the smallest goals can give you a sense of accomplishment, so don’t skip the small things.

Write down your goals, paint your goals on the wall, or sew your goals on your clothes…whatever it take to keep you on track…ha!

What’s one of your goals for the new year?


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  1. says

    I resigned from my part-time job of three years, and my last day was Jan 5th. They had given me an ultimatum, take on full-time hours, or they would replace me. So I took a deep breath and quit.

    My goal this year is to make the same weekly income from my Etsy shop as I was making at the old job. So far, not so good! I am freaking out just a tiny bit.

  2. says

    Yikes, like Diana I just quit my P/T day job to create full time. So far……is it me or are January sales slower than usual? My goal is still to move forward in 2012.

  3. says

    Congratulations on becoming your own boss!

    Making a business work online is just as much work as having a shop in town…keep improving each week and you’ll get there. :)

    Take time out each week to refuel your creativity. Sometimes when I’m trying to reach a goal I forget that part. :)

  4. Sherie says

    I am in the planning stages of starting an online handmade children’s clothing boutique. What is a reasonable sales goal for the first year?

  5. Kellyanne says

    My goal this year is to start making all the jewellery ideas & designs I’ve been having in my head this past yr. I’ve been buying galore but let my physical & more so my mental & emotional health keep me back from it. I’ve started setting a website & trying to get things done now. I know once my mojo comes back properly for good they’ll be no stopping me as its very therapeutic making jewellery etc so in turn will help my mental & emotional state.
    I need to start selling to be able to continue making as its a very costly business (but you can’t put a price on happiness)
    So any advice from anyone you think will help or anyone who has been in my position & found z good way to come out the darkness n move on with this plz feel free to get in touch. Xxx

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