22 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room – – Part 2

Craft Room

Let’s get organized!  Whenever I organize and update my craft room I end up finding lots of beautiful supplies that I forgot about can’t wait to try.  I feel much more creative working in a clean area and all those long lost supplies inspire me to get CRAFTY!

 This is the second post with tips to organize your craft room, so if you missed the first one just click here!

Ready to be inspired???


12.  Take a look at these beautiful canvas storage bins I found at Holly’s Street.  I use baskets for storage, but this looks so much better. Don’t you love how pretty the colors look popping out of the top? I could have some fun with this little collection of fabric!


13.  Great shelves rock!  Can you have too many shelves??  I think not!  I could use a different section for each project I’m working on these days!  It seems like I never have enough time to complete something all at one time.  I know I’m not alone with that!

Visit Vana’s blog to see more photos of her studio and check out all her work at  Le Papier Studio.  You’ll love it!


14.  Decorate paint or soup cans with wallpaper or scrapbook paper for an simple and sweet way to add a touch of beauty to your room. {bhg.com}

What a great way to recycle and save money…love it!


15.   Don’t hide your beautiful ribbon in a box! Here’s a creative way to hang rolls of ribbon…a towel holder! You could put this anywhere and it’s bound to look great! {Creating Keepsakes}

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16.  Cubbies make great storage…I’ll take a wall of them!  You can mix and match yard sale finds and create your own unique cabinet like this one from Debee at Art as Life .  I love the drawer pulls!

I’ve also seen stacked shoe organizers used to create a bunch of cubbies in small areas.  Try a couple for your craft room or closet.


17.  The Sometimes Crafter will show you how to make these cute fabric scrap baskets. I hate to throw away pieces I might be able to use later. They’re a great way to store some of those fabric scraps you’re saving!


18.  Visit Mamie Jane’s to see the booth display she’s working on.  These are paint sticks with ribbon and trim wound around and pinned.  It’s so creative and a great way to keep them organized!


19.  Use vintage finds for unique storage containers!  Hang an old lunch box and use it for little supplies.  This is a great creative space!  I love the three-tier basket that’s perfect for ribbon or stamps…I seriously need one!  {bhg.com}


20.  Low on space?  You can take a small bookcase and turn it into a craft cabinet.  Check out the details at MarthaStewart.com.


21.  I’d love this collection of colorful ribbon!  This is one craft supply that can be really hard to control.  Learn how to make this awesome ribbon organizer at Craftzine!


22.  Got closet space??  Use a selection of pretty storage boxes and containers to keep supplies separated.  This will keep everything easy to find when creativity strikes…that’s a good thing! {bhg.com}

Still need more inspiration to get your craft space organized???  Check out these…

I’d love to see pictures of your space! You can post photos of your work or your work area on our Facebook Page. Just write on our wall and attach a photo!


 This is the second post with tips to organize your craft room, so if you missed the first one just click here!

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  1. says

    My workshop is such a mess, I cannot believe people can have their stuff all organized and clean and aligned ;). I cannot create in a tidy room – I feel kinda stuck. That being said, I still think an organized craft room would be nice – there are so many great ideas in your post!

  2. says

    Hi There..I just found your blog..I love it..I cant wait to get home later and read more..I dont know where I have been..?? any way I just did a little post about it on my blog…and Ive subscribed..Thanks for your hard work in creating this blog..what a great resource… Ill be sharing and promoting …Have a great day..!

  3. says

    Love, love, love the look, but….I would challenge anyone to try to get me this organized!! If you, as an artist, use several different mediums, there is just no way!! Especially those of use who are up-cycling!! Felted sweaters cannot hang/stack nice and neat! When I am workink it is all over everywhere!! I have found I must “organize as best I can about once a month to keep my head above “stuff” LOL.
    Andrey, don’t feel bad, you are not amone!!

  4. says

    My sewing studio is very hard to keep organized when I am in the middle of several projects. There are some great ideas I can’t wait to try. I have a huge closet with shelves. I think I am going to invest is some smaller bins to keep supplies organized.

  5. says

    LOVE the hanging ribbon! I always hate hiding my ribbon, especially because then I forget what I have on hand. Thank you for this and all of the other great tips. It will be very easy to organize my crafting supplies, now :)

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