How To Build An Online Empire Starting With Etsy {infographic}

Woot, our first infographic!

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Dream Bigger Than Etsy!

One thing I love about writing on this blog every day is that I know that some of the people who read Everything Etsy are going to hit home runs.  Some of you reading these words right now, right this very instant, are going to come up with ideas that take off.

You’re going to do it.  You’re going to get the product right, the packaging right, the pricing, the promotion, and the service all right!  You’re going to find the right circumstances, and if you can’t find them, you’re going to make them.

You’re going to win.  Big.

And when you do, you might want to expand.  You might want to grow your little business beyond Etsy.  (though you can do great selling on Etsy alone forever)

An Online Empire Needs A Blueprint

Maybe this little drawing (apparantly these are known these days as “infographics”) will help you visualize just the right process for your budding business.

  1. Start off selling on Etsy and get it right before moving one inch further.  What more could you want for a start-up location, it’s at the busiest corner downtown and you can rent space for .20 an item.  That’s enough room for 100 items for a $20 bill.
  2. Once you’ve perfected your game on Etsy (or at least learned the basics well), spread your wings and expand your reach through Facebook…
  3. … And your blog.
  4. At this point, you’re rolling with multiple sales every day.  You know what you’re doing and are ready to expand even further.  If you want your own shop online, at your own domain, we can’t recommend BigCommerce highly enough.

Just remember this picture… these things are all connected.  Link them together with lots of open doors and encourage your visitors to move between your various online storefronts and hangouts.

Have fun building your online empire!


If you think this graphic would be helpful to anyone you know, feel free to share it on your blog, facebook, pinterest, whatever.  It’s free for you to use. Image Link:


  1. says

    Salinda – Great question! This is where the graphic really comes into play. Take a look at the finished “empire”. The Etsy Shop is still the front door at the corner of Central and Main. The other things are additions, not moves. So since you’ll still be selling on Etsy, you’re safe to consider the addition of your own site whenever you feel certain that you like the work and you want to do it for a long time and in a big way. Make sense? (sounds like a good topic for a whole blog post)

  2. Chrystal says

    Thanks for this. :)
    Why Big Commerce? A review of all the options would be great.
    Shopenvy, Shopify, Strikingly, BigCommerce, BigCartel…who else?


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