Flower Lavender Sachet Tutorial {Sewn By Hand}

Flower Lavender Sachet Tutorial 1

I love lavender and I’m always finding new ways to use it around the house, car, dryer…wherever!

I created a sweet little flower lavender sachet that would be a perfect topper for your Mother’s Day gift, hostess gift, or thank you for watching my dog gift.  You get the idea, right?  Make lots of them to keep on hand!

Feel free to sew away on your fancy sewing machines, but this is sewn by hand to keep it simple.  This way you can make them anywhere!

Flower Lavender Sachet 1

  • Draw out a flower of any style and a center on any scrap piece of paper.  Cut them out.  My flower is about 4 inches.
  • Gather two different fabric from you pile of scraps that you can’t let go of…am I the only one with this issue?
  • You’ll need embroidery floss, ribbon, a needle, lavender, and a bit of the stuffing of your choice.  Oh, I almost forgot, two or three stick pins will help.

Flower Lavender Sachet 2

Pin the flower cut out to you fabric and cut around it.  You don’t have to be perfect about it.  This is a shabby flower!

Flower Lavender Sachet 3

When you have cut out two flowers and one center, just pin the to flower pieces together with the right side out.  They won’t line up perfectly, but don’t stress over it.

Flower Lavender Sachet 4

I’m using all 6 strand of embroidery floss for a chunky look with a backstitch.  This will keep all my lavender inside where it should be!

Don’t stitch too close to the edge because we are going to fray it at the end.

Flower Lavender Sachet 5

You’ll stop stitching with enough room to add a bit of stuffing.  It really doesn’t take much because you want to leave room for your lavender.

Flower Lavender Sachet 6

To add lavender I use my high-tech special piece of card stock paper and roll it up to make a funnel.  Fancy, eh?

Add three or four spoonfuls of lavender.  I use a mixture of lavender and flax seed in my sachets to give them more weight.  Do what makes you happy!

Flower Lavender Sachet 7

Squeeze the top together and finish stitching it closed while adding the ribbon between the two layers at the very top.  Tie a knot in the back.

Flower Lavender Sachet 8

Place the center on the flower and start stitching with a backstitch around the edge going all the way through the flower.  This will cause the center to go in a bit and look just right.  Finish with a small knot on the back.

Flower Lavender Sachet 9

When all the stitching is done it’s time to fray the edges.  I just pull on the threads with my fingernails until it looks the way I want.  Trim any crazy little thread that won’t behave!

Flower Lavender Sachet Tutorial 2

You now have one sweet little hanging flower sachet to make your home or car smell sooooo pretty!

If you would rather buy one, just visit The Lavender Road {one of my shops}!

Do you make any hand sewn projects? Do you have any handmade gift ideas for Mother’s Day?



  1. says

    They are very cute! And I bet they’re super customisable for different uses, different fabrics… different scents, too, maybe? Hmm…

  2. says

    This is lovely! I like to gather my lavender in a piece of used dryer sheet (I use unscented so it does not mask the lavender) – and it keeps it from seeping out the stitches. Sometimes I sew it in – and sometimes just gather it with a small hair tie or rubber band – I’ve been sticking with square sachets but this looks ever so much more fun!!

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, we must have been on the same brainwave. I just posted something similar to this a couple days ago. Except mine what for the dryer. I love your fabric choice.

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