Southwest Florida Quilt Festival

wool 1

Isn’t this a dreamy bunch of wool roving? I wanted to take it all home!

The other day I was lucky enough to notice that the Southwest Florida Quilt Festival was going on at the Convention Center here in Punta Gorda.  It’s so close I can walk!

This is my first quilt festival and I was amazed at the crowd.  It was packed full of people of all ages…no offense, but I thought quilting was more popular among retired people that have more time.  I’ve noticed since having this blog that quilting is hot!

I love all the designer quilting fabrics and I even made a very simple quilt of my own last year.

hula girl quilt

They had a huge silent auction and I decided to bid on this fun hula girl quilt, but of course I didn’t get it.

I learned that taking photos at a quilt show is super challenging, and I know it has to be a ton of work for all the vendors to set up all their fabulous fabric.  They do a great job of displaying quilt kits and new fabric.  I’m always attracted to those Moda jelly rolls and layer cakes…love them!

cake quilt

Here’s a fun quilt that had to take FOREVER to finish…very cute!

Once my feet were starting to hurt I decided to walk home.  Our weather has been outstanding for a couple weeks here so we walk whenever we can.

red flower 1

I found a couple flowers on the way home that I would love to have in my yard, but I don’t know what they are…can you help???

They are both vines growing on a fence and the flowers were just beautiful!  The red ones were so big!

purple flowers 1

These purple ones were growing right next to the red ones.  Any ideas on the names of these?

Oh, and let’s not forget what I bought at the quilt show…

apron 1

A sweet little apron for $10! I couldn’t pass it up!

Do you have any photos of quilts you’ve made? Leave a link in the comments, I’d love to see them!  Anyone know the name of these flowers? :)


*The Southwest Florida Quilt Festival is a biennial show by the Peace River Quilters’ Guild.  They do a fabulous job!


  1. nancy faith says

    Thanks for the lovely post. I do have a question. do you have the information regarding the apron (as to who sold/made it)? I would love to get one like that. I live in Alaska and Spring doesnt really ever show itself here.. well, it does, but I call it Alaska’s summer : )
    An apron like this would definitely make my spring month’s seem more spring-y. I am in love with this apron…all the colors etc.
    thanks for your help

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