Harness the Wind – Knitting a Whole New Way

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The Wind Knitting Factory has created a whole new way of knitting up a scarf!  They harness the energy from a windmill to knit…how cool is that?!

Each scarf is marked with the date and how long it took to knit.  These would make a great gift for your friend that has everything, and what a fun conversation starter!

sjawl black_windknittingfactory_merelkarhof_copyright Want to see more great photos? Wind Knitting Factory has tons of colors and a really neat set-up to create these…don’t miss this post on Merel Karhof.

Have you ever seen an automated system like this? I could use one on my roof!



  1. glenda says

    i can see it in Oklahoma, last Sunday, 80 mph gusts, all that yarn everywhere in the props and down the gears of that windmill.

    but what a vision and thought process this inventor has!


  2. says

    Oh I remember I saw this on tv! Was a long time ago, so cool that she’s got international attention now too. This is so brilliant I love it!

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