Great Etsy Blogs

Are you looking for some awesome blogs written by creative folks like you?  Here’s just a few that I read…

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  • Kim from TomKat Studio will knock your socks off with her beautiful blog!  You’ll want to throw a party within 30 seconds of reading it!
  • Looking for creative ideas for around the house? Check out The Design Junkie!  I always enjoy reading about her latest project.


These are some of the wonderful blogs I’ve been reading this week.  I’m always finding something new and fun from blogs.

Do you have a blog? Share a link in the comments so we can all stop by!

Creative people love creative people’s blogs! :)



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    I’ve been blogging for over a year now & I really love it. I write about crafting with recycled goods, living an eco-friendly life, etc. Check it out at…

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    As a member of the Etsy Vancouver Island Team, we have created a special project to help the Japan Relief Efforts. I created a video which explains it all. You may view it right on our Blog….

    I challenge all other Etsyians to donate to the cause. Here is our new Facebook page where you may post the item/s you wish to donate with your link.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I too was laughing at the “9 women’s words” post. Mostly my blog is a little about everything in my life. . .kids, new puppy, renovating a house on 50 acres that we are doing with my parents, but after attending my first Bon Jovi concert last Thursday, that’s all I have been writing, thinking, dreaming, pining about. . .

    drop on by –

    Maybe one day the JBJ euphoria will fade, and I can once again focus on my work, my family, etc.

  4. says

    Normally I get a bit iffy about things that apparently all women do, since I often don’t do them, but that list of nine things? At least eight are true of me. I’ll be sharing with my husband. It’s so funny.
    As for my blog, I write about books, and crafts, and blogs, and hope that people read it. However, not getting readers is not about to stop me from blogging. It’s just fun.

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    I LOVE paper crafting and rubberstamping. My blog shares project ideas, products and techniques…
    Plus I blog about my kids’ parties…I LOVE to style my kids birthdays and get tons of inspiration from TomKat Studio (which is how I found your blog!) Love sharing with others..To your success!!

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    How sweet!! Thanks for the feature and oh my gosh I love all the blogs in your post and the one’s in the comments! Seriously, I’m blown away by the creativeness. :)

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    This is my blog-it chronicles my journey of creating, photographing and filling my shop and getting my biz off the ground!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Tori says

    here’s a link to my blog.

    while i talk about etsy and my business on the blog, that’s not all it’s about. i just talk about my life and the things i love: being a wife, our soon-to-be baby, home life, all things creative. it’s my little outlet and i love it.

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    I love everything Tropical and I sculpt fish, sea creatures, flowers in Glass. I’ll do chocolate desserts when I’m dieting and love making glass flowers for brides as mementos of their wedding!

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    Hi! I recently set up my etsy store and my website. I haven’t had any orders yet :( but hope as I post more items the word will spread. Would love any advice anyone can share! I plan on posting more projects over this November-from Paper covered/decorated barn stars, to cupcake toppers. There are so many fantastic paper lines out there–the projects never end. Not to mention, cardmaking. The simple thought of sending that special person a custom, handcrafted card cannot be replaced by an e-card! You have to be able to hold it to feel the value in your heart.

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    Hello, I understand that this is a relatively old post and might not receive any more traffic but I am having trouble making sales on my own etsy shop because so few people view it. I was wondering if this blog did guest writers or featured articles that could help me improve my sales. Please contact me at my email listed above if you can help. My shop name is rustic regime or the link is Thank you for your time.

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    I blog about creativity and where I find inspiration on my website ( because I love to write and because it drives people to my Etsy store. I’d love to hear your feedback on my blog!

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