Etsy as a Household Name – Why you want to sell on Etsy

Why Etsy has a great chance of being as widely known as eBay or and why that matters to us.

Part of your mission is to sell your products.

I was spending some time the other day thinking about the “business mission” of (and a new related site to be announced very soon!). As websites that exist with a goal of (at least a little) profit in mind, our mission is something I need to understand clearly.

The main thought that always lives in the forefront of my mind is the idea that we can have a real and positive impact on the lives of people just like us who want to make money selling the things they create. The ripple effect of a little encouragement and help can go a long way, right?

The natural next question when you want to help someone is: What’s best for them? In this case, I asked myself as kind of an internal check point: Is Etsy the best option for sellers?

Based on research and experience I already had, I knew that the answer was yes. But I went ahead and grabbed a couple of screen shots to demonstrate just one of the reasons Etsy is best for you.

Etsy is dangerously close to becoming a household name.


I’m sure most Etsy sellers will agree that it isn’t uncommon to mention Etsy to someone new and have them say “What’s Etsy?”. Even though, as you can see on the graphic above, Etsy is more popular than all but about 341 other websites in the entire world, and within the top 100 in the US, it’s still not a household name. Not yet.

Ask that same person if they’ve heard of eBay or and you’ll almost invariably get an “of course!”.

Ask yourself these two questions:

How long will it be before the majority of people say “Of course I’ve heard of Etsy!”?

How long before almost everyone has heard of, and purchased from, Etsy?

One year? Two?

I don’t know, but what I do know is that having a firm and secure presence on Etsy at that time will be very valuable to your business. I also know that given the options available to you right now, Etsy is by far the best choice, even before reaching the “household name” status.

Take a look at the same stats for, a selling venue similar to Etsy.


While these numbers are impressive compared to most websites (like the one you’re reading for example), they aren’t really even comparable in terms of opportunity for sellers.

Get in now!

The bottom line here is that if you’re serious about making a living or a real business out of your handmade sales, Etsy is the place to be and the time to start building your brand on Etsy is now.

Soon, you’ll be able to say to someone at a party “I sell on Etsy.” and have that met with a response of “Wow, really? That sounds great!”


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