Slow Sales? Spice It Up With 10 Easy Tips!

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When sales slow down, it’s time to spice up your shop!

For whatever reason, everyone experiences slow times with their shops. Take advantage of this time and prepare for those sales to come. You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s a few tips to get you going…in no particular order.

1. Spice up the look of your shop with a new banner that really reflects what you sell. Think of a catchy tag line to add to it. While you’re at it, make a new avatar. We’re talking “mini-makeover” here!

2. Make sure all your photos are top notch! Take a look around Etsy and notice the way bright and clear photos get your attention. Redo some of your photos while you have time, and make sure you have 5 photos of each item. Maybe you’ll be busy faster because of it!

3. Make multiples of your best selling items to save you time later on. It will also help you with fast shipping. Fast shipping helps get you more repeat business and awesome feedback. :)

4. Check your shop sections and make sure they’re easy to navigate. You want your buyers to be able to find what they want…and more! Don’t let them get confused and leave.

5. Let the descriptions of each item sell for you! If you have a little story about why you made it or how you got started making them, tell them about it! Include measurements, types of material you used, and any other detail you think they might want to know. Remember, they can’t pick it up and look at it so your description can make or break a sale.

6. Check your tags for each item. Are you using all of them. If it describes your item, use it. Don’t forget the colors!

7. Go over your shop policies, and make sure you’re clear on expected shipping times and returns.

8. Update your profile. Buyers like to know a little about you! You’re so much more interesting than a big retail store!

9. Update your shipping. It’s a big world out there, so shipping internationally can help. Make sure you know what to charge.

10. This is one of my favorites…packaging! Everyone loves to receive something beautifully wrapped. Make a great first impression with a note and a little creativity. It doesn’t have to cost a ton, but it needs to show you care.  Don’t forget to add a photo of your packaging to your listing!

That ought to keep you busy for awhile, and by then the sales will be rolling in again. And you’ll be prepared!

I’m sure you have a tip or two…I’d love to hear them in the comments!



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    send out a reminder! I find that every few months, or about twice a year it is great to drop buyers or friends a quick note, saying hi and letting them know what you are up to. I always get a sale when I do this. I have a few friends who will pass the note around and spread the word for me. Keep the note about 200 words and attach a link, never put pics on, cause people are much less likely to forward it.
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..Mr. T’s Mother’s Day Card =-.

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    Take the time to investigate/brush up on how you can use facebook to better sell your etsy items, if you haven’t already. Create a fan page for your artwork and work on gathering fans. Etsy has a feature now that whenever you list a new item, you can automatically publish your new listing to facebook, making that info available to all your facebook friends/fans. This usually results in a sale! Consider using the slow time to host a giveaway or some kind of contest that will create excitement and more interest. (Make sure you have similar items ready to sell in your shop!)
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..Happy Easter! =-.

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    Great tips! Can I add 11? Ship promptly. I ship immediately but I notice some other Etsy folks seem to take a bit longer to ship. I only post what I have readily available to ship asap. Prompt shipping goes a long way with me as a buyer!

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    Hi Kim- I just started reading and selling on Etsy, but I’ve got a solid background in {corporate} sales, and I just love the creative outlet that Etsy gives me as an artist! I know you mentioned it above, but it’s important for sellers to remember what it was like when *they* were buyers and take the same approach in looking at their store. Selling is emotional and buyers want to feel like they are supporting something that is homegrown and personal. Take a look through your shop – does it seem (even online!) to be welcoming and give the buyer a distinct feeling of creativity and warmth? Like you mentioned above- really spend some time thinking about descriptions, policies, and even “about the seller” sections… It will certainly help!!

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    I’m so glad that I found you! Great advice…although I do alot of that already…I’d love to spice up my sales.

    Thanks for the good tips, as always.


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    Thank you so much for this information. I’m new to Etsy (as in yesterday-new) and I’m trying to find all the information I can about how to have a successful etsy business. I think this will be the perfect place. Thanks again and Happy Weekend!!!

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    These are all such great tips. Right now I am focusing on my blog since I hadn’t had much time to devote to it before. I’m also trying to start preparing for the holiday season. I know last year was busier from Sept through the New Year. It’s not too early to start preparing! The more you have in your shop, the more you can sell during that time!
    .-= Beth´s last blog ..Comment on Handmade Push Pins Tutorial- Made From Vintage Earrings by admin =-.

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