Etsian In Real Life — {Krystal @ Blended}

A Face-to-Face Interview With Krystal From Blended

krystal 3

What do you think about these beautiful earrings? These are my favorite, and the way the light reflects on them is just stunning!

This photo was taken when I met a fellow Etsian, Krystal from Blended, for a face-to-face interview and a look at her jewelry collection. She’s so creative, and we could have talked for hours!

Krystal moved from Jamaica {how cool} with her family when she was a child, and didn’t realize her creative talents until a couple of years ago when she had her daughter. All of a sudden she started drawing like she did when she was a child and hasn’t stopped creating new things since. Krystal can draw, crochet, and is always trying something new.

Krystal 1

This necklace is made with colored Jade….I had no idea they could take light colored Jade and create these brilliant colors!

Krystal has been working with beads for over a year, and now makes almost daily trips to the bead store near her home {how lucky!} for inspiration and more supplies.

When I asked her when she started, she said “I’m not sure, I just know I had money one day and the next day it was gone!” Ha! I’m sure many of you understand how fast money can go when you buy supplies!

A description of Blended, in Krystal’s own words:

The inspiration behind blended is that we girls have many sides to us, some days we are prim and proper – while other days we want to let our rock star hair down. Blended is here to embrace all the sweet, fun, spunky, girly, tough and glamorous sides of you. From girly pearls and gems to rock star bangles and revolver earrings, there is something here for every part of you.

krystal 2

Seller Tips from Krystal

  • Use different color backgrounds for your photos. She found more shop visitors from the color search feature on Etsy by having a variety of backgrounds.
  • Showing a photo of your packaging and using all five photos has improved her sales.

il 430xN

Krystal’s packaging really completes the presentation of her work!

Her sales have started growing faster, and anything from her shop would make a fabulous gift. Don’t forget about Mother’s Day!

kyrstal 4

Blended is constantly adding new designs, like this stunning necklace.

Krystal takes time to make sure each piece she makes is just right, and she’ll start all over if something is a bit out of place. That’s one of the wonderful things about Etsy seller’s that put so much love and care into each item.

Handmade gifts are the way to go!

get convo image

There’s something to be said about meeting someone “In Real Life” for an interview. You can really get to know them and their work! Anytime you get two Etsy Lovin’ girls together for coffee, it’s sure to be fun!

Thanks for sharing all your jewelry and tips with us, Krystal!

You have to stop by Blended and see all her new designs!


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