Fabric Storage Inspiration – Part Two

chalkboard hanger project

There must be a billion creative ways to organize fabric, so we had to have more than one post about it! Whether you make hair accessories, home decor, or clothing, we all need to have great fabric storage. There’s nothing like digging through a box of wrinkled fabric to lose your motivation for starting a new project.

I found this great idea (above) on Craft.  Make chalkboard hangers to store your fabric on the wall. It looks great and it works…what a winning combination.


This system of wooden dowels fits right behind the door. Film and Thread made fabulous use of her space. Think of all the space you have behind doors…do you have anything stored there? Maybe you should!

fabric and craft storage baskets 3

Here’s a look at some of my stash! I use baskets for most of my supplies. They look great on the shelf, and I can easily separate everything and keep it close to me.  I can grab what I need without getting up. {Hmmm…maybe I should move it away for more exercise.} I hardly moved to take these photos, so that explains the poor lighting! :)

The basket on the left is full of beautiful felt. I enjoy seeing all those  pretty colors when I start to design a new hair clip for Flashy Fish. They used to be organized by color, but I gave up on that. I can only be organized up to a certain point, y’all!

fabric and craft storage baskets

The second basket has small pieces of fabric that I keep in individual plastic bags. Why, you might ask? Well, I only use a couple tiny circles of fabric when I make ponytail holders. That leaves me with fabric that’s cut all funny and doesn’t fold nicely. YUCK! I started folding each one in a bag, and it worked for me. I can easily look through them to find the one I need, and they’re much more manageable.

I didn’t show you my third basket. It’s full of slightly larger fabrics, and it looks very similar to the first basket. That’s for my lavender sachets that you can see in the top photo.

I did just sell a whole box {over 6 pounds} of fabric on Etsy. It was stashed away in the closet. I knew I wouldn’t use it and I was just hanging onto it…tightly. I let it go! {Oh, and now I have some new fabric on the way from Above All Fabric to replace it…he he he.}


I haven’t mentioned drawers yet, and they are a wonderful way to store fabric. Maybe that’s why they have been selling them for clothing all these years. A Pocket Full of Licorice shares her fabric collection in this photo.

You can even use old, individual drawers for storage. I’m sure you can find a few at a garage sale near you. If they’re ugly, just spray paint them!

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If you can’t fit your fabric collection in your room anymore, this idea is for you! I’ve always wanted a bathtub like this, and when you load it up with fabric it starts to look even better! I found this photo on flickr and I thought it might be helpful to some of you.

If you missed Fabric Storage Inspiration – Part One…check it out!

What have you done lately to organize your supplies? I’d love to hear about it.


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  1. says

    That last photo makes me want to go hunt for an old bath tub!!! That is too stinkin cute.

    And I love the chalkboard hangers. I’ve been wanting to make some of those to hold notes and inspiration pics for my studio. Right now I’m working on another little project with chalkboard paint and clipboards!


  2. says

    I totally love the chalkboard hangers Kim! I saw this and just started thinking of a million different things I could paint with chalkboard paints!!

    Thanks for sharing what you find out and about!

  3. says

    Currently my fabric is folded {slightly color-organized} into a bright red reusable Target bag. Not pretty at all, but since I don’t have a ton of fabric, it works for now. I might have to consolidate my paper stash to make room for my fabric stash! 😉

    Thanks for sharing these cute and fun ideas, Kim!

  4. says

    I love those hangers, and that bath tub! I have my fabric folded in a huge basket under my sewing table now. Would love to store on shelves that I can see all the time! Perhaps, I can move all the things off the shelves in livingroom? I’m wondering if anyone would even notice!

  5. says

    These are great ideas! I’m currently learning to sew and part of what’s holding me back is the idea of “Oh no…I barely have room for my current supplies, where will I put fabric?” thought, so I will have to incorporate some of this! You’ve inspired me to go buy some pretty fabric!


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