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Photo by Shana’s Shop

Do you renew?

Renewing items in my Etsy shop has been a big part of my success with Flashy Fish. If you only re-list when something sells, you’re missing out on a great selling tool.

When you renew an item you are listing an item that hasn’t sold. It’s like a new listing, but you don’t have to start all over with your photos and description. Re-listing is when you list an item again that has already sold. Now that we’re all straight on the lingo, let’s move on.

When you renew your item it goes straight to the top of the list, or multiple lists {if you’re tagging them properly}, and it gets seen on the first page of that category by so many people. It immediately goes on the “just listed” page and it’s like saying “Hey, look at me” to everyone shopping. That’s great, cheap exposure!

Renewing an item is really so simple, and it only cost twenty cents…think about it…only twenty cents! Why wouldn’t you do it?

Take five dollars and see how it works for your shop. Renew a couple items in the morning, maybe one more in the afternoon, and a couple in the evening. Do it until you run out of your five bucks. Let’s see, that gives you 25 chances to get someone’s attention. It’s like getting 5 days worth of advertising to people that are buying what you’re selling. I’m not saying you have to spend that much, maybe once a day will work best for your shop, but you’ll never know unless you try.

Renewing also makes it easier for your items to be found by other Etsy sellers that are setting up treasuries. More treasuries equals more chances of making it to the front page….which means more sales!!!

Renewing items along with other avenues of advertising {like blogs, postcards, newsletters} is sure to make a huge impact in your bottom line this year. Give it a try and finish your year out with record sales!

If you would like more information on improving your Etsy sales, read one of our informative posts from the archives.


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    You always have such great tips! I think it works too because I can really see a difference in sales when I relist items more often.

    Thanks for featuring an image from Shana’s Shop!

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