A Dozen Great Etsy Banners

If you want to make a sale on Etsy, there are a few steps you can’t skip, First is getting traffic to your shop. If the visitor is new to your shop, you’ll have just a couple of seconds to make an impression while they decide to stay or go. Your shop banner is the first thing they’ll see and that makes it a key to your sales.

I’ve searched Etsy looking for shops whose banners I thought did the job well. It’s not easy getting much into a limited space of only 760 x 100 pixels, but there may be more opportunity than you realize.

NB Creative -______________________________


This shop is for a creative guy who feels he’s more creative than some of the options out there. I can identify with that, and I think it’s great the way he instantly brings to mind that there is a difference and that the comparison is like “apples to oranges”. The use of a green apple keeps the colors in line. Obviously, if you can incorporate a little orange, it will work better with the Etsy site itself.

Happy Family -______________________________


The first thing I noticed when this banner came up on my screen was the special offer. Buy two tees and get a tote free! It’s a great idea to use your banner to bring visitors attention to a special offer. Even if they don’t want a tote, the free offer will cause most folks to read a little further, and that’s what you want!

Den-10 Studio___________________________


The thing I noticed about this banner (and then noticed in others as well) was the way they used the Shop Title area under the header in cooperation with the banner. Rather than just the shop title, they wrote a bit of a tag line in that spot.

Swan Mountain Soaps_________________________


I really thought this banner did a great job of using bright colors. The colors catch the eye and make you pause, then you notice the products themselves, which are beautiful. Then you check out the shop…mission accomplished!

Moja Creations___________________________


This professionally designed banner uses great colors and catchy graphics to get your attention. It gives the feel of a nice blog, in fact I went looking for a blog address in the shop announcement, but found none. A great marketing tool would be to have a blog that had the same look, creating a cohesive flow and brand identity for visitors.



This one gets your attention right away! Most people will know in an instant if the shop is for them. The use of nice typesetting with particular words in a larger font draws you in. I also like the artistic nature of this banner.

Venezie Bags___________________________


Great colors and a very clear message about what the shop provides. They also use the shop title area as a place for more information.

Dress Green_____________________________


Nice colors, cool graphics, and a nice font. The only thing that threw me a little was the use of the “LLC” in the banner. I think that could have been left off and would make the header look cleaner.

Single Stone Studios_________________________


This banner is nice overall, but the thing that I really thought was worth showing here is the way they put their blog address right in the banner. That’s smart business.



Awesome color. Cool font. Got my attention and the products are just as nice!

The Empty Nest__________________________


I’m thinking this banner was made by scanning a piece of the fabric they sell in the shop. Textures like this can be done with software such as photoshop, but this one looks real to me. Who knows? in any case, I thought the banner did a good job.



Maybe I’m just a sucker for photographic banners, but I really like this one. The colors are nice, the picture is of the product which is cool. Just overall a nice look.


So, there you have it! A dozen Etsy Banners for your design inspiration. If you don’t want to do one yourself, you can search Etsy for “banners” and get plenty of folks who will do them for $10.00. My new company, Tim Layton Designs, can also do this type of work as part of a larger package such as a blog design, business cards and logos, etc.

If you want to do this yourself, you can check out the tutorial I did last Christmas: Create an Etsy Banner in 10 Easy Steps – How-To Photoshop Elements

If you really want to kick-it-up, just give me a few days. I’ll be doing a new tutorial when I do a new banner for Kim’s Flashy Fish shop. I need to put some of these ideas to work for her! If you want to be sure not to miss that, sign-up for our free email subscription.


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    So timely! Thank you!!! I have been working on my “Beautiful Blog Books” blog… but still have to open up the Etsy shop. I will definitely be putting your tips into practice!! Blessings!

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    OK, articles like this always make me itchy to redesign my graphics for my shop! As if I needed more to do 😀 Love all of those banners – especially the Uncommon one!

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    Thanks so much for including my banner. It is actually part of an original painting that is for sale in my shop. The funny thing about it is that I set it up completely by mistake…I meant to upload a different photo. When I saw how cool my redhead looked, especially since it complimented the orange Etsy logo, I left it. I have gotten more wonderful comments…mistakes happen for a reason 😉 Great website!

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