Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing


I’m thinking about asking for this one as a Mother’s Day gift! {hint, hint}

Here’s the great new book from Crafty Chica!  It’s for beginners and sewing experts alike, with pretty stuff to make on every page!


Aren’t you loving it already?

She makes everything easier…and I like that about her! See, I’m able to sew straight lines and change the needle and thread. That’s about it! But, I do like the thought of sewing up something fabulous!

This seems like the book to help me out! Crafty Chica is talking my kind of language with all her easy and fun projects.

There are so many wonderful reviews about Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing, that it seems like a must for everyone’s craft book collection.

I can use a little motivational sewing help along with a little glitter…how about you?  Are you a “Crafty Sewer Girl” or a “Crafty Sewer Girl To Be?”


  1. says

    I love sewing…that was the beginning of my love of crafting…I miss it {wiping tears off my keyboard}. That book does look like a great gift. When you get it {I have faith you will}, I hope you post lots of pictures of your creations.

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