Create an Etsy Banner in 10 Easy Steps – How-To Photoshop Elements

(We now have over two dozen free Etsy banners, as well as a tutorial for the free web-based software, Pixlr – If you have Photoshop Elements, this page is for you! If not check out the Free Banners Page)

Hi!  When we first started the Everything Etsy Blog back in December 2008, we knew that we wanted to make it a great resource for Etsy sellers and those who WANT to be Etsy sellers!  One of the ways we figured we could do so was to offer a resource to the community as a free download.  So that’s what we did!

Create An Etsy Banner Using Photoshop Elements

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a link that will open a PDF file on your screen.  It’s about a 9 page tutorial with very detailed, step by step, instructions.  It’s not entertaining, but it’s very informative and it will give you some good basic information for making a banner for your Etsy Shop.

I chose to do the tutorial using Adobe Photoshop Elements.  I did this because Elements is a very powerful software at a great price. There are other programs you can use, some are even available for free. I’ll do a post soon about those and link to it here.

No link, means I didn’t get to it yet…you can give me a talkin’ to in the comments!  (and I’ll probably hop-to) To be sure you don’t miss these new tutorials and other great information related to selling on Etsy, sign up for our email blog updates.

Much of the information in this tutorial is specific to Elements, but some of the tips apply no matter what!

Banners Make Your First Impression

The first thing anyone sees when they come to your Etsy shop is your banner.  Making a great banner is one of the first steps to success on Etsy. Sure, you can find plenty of people willing to do it for you, but if you do it yourself you not only save a few bucks, but you then have the ability to go back at any time and modify or change your look, add highlights for sales, etc.  Plus it’s fun.

Learn to make this simple Etsy banner

Learn to make this simple Etsy banner

Check out the tutorial here.

This tutorial has been downloaded hundreds of times, but I never thought to add this question:  Was it helpful to you?


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    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have P/shop7 and it was a little different but I eventually got the idea. I decided to go for something very simple but now I am confident I can change it when ever I want.Even my ‘computerised’ 20+ kids couldnt get me this far! xxx

    Lee-Ane’s last blog post..CALISTA HAIR COMB

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    Thanks for offering this to Etsy folks. I have elements 9 and I was wondering how i was going to use it to make my banner. I will try your tutorial and let you know if I accomplish my goal.

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    Thank you for a great tutorial. I was struggling with photoshop but after this tutorial I can make banner, avatar and ad buttons with ease. A very well explained step by step info.


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