How To Make a Blog Button or Etsy Banner Using PicMonkey


(don’t miss the video and free blank image downloads below!) One of the first things you need when you start blogging, selling online, or getting into social media, is a button or profile image. But wait, that’s not all… you’ll probably end-up needing dozens of images all over the place. For example: Etsy banners Facebook… [read more]

Etsy Shop SEO {Video Tutorial}

Well my goodness!  It’s a week of new things here at Everything Etsy!  First the Everything Etsy Directory which has had close to 400 Etsy Shops submitted in four days! Now our first in-depth video tutorial. I have to admit, it was fun to make!  It was kind of like Tim and I playing “radio… [read more]

Sewing Tutorials


Last year I was just learning how to sew. I scoured the public library with how-to books, desperately wanting to learn the trade. Want to know my secret? In all honestly I found online video tutorials were some of the best teachers. I am a visual learner. A BIG visual learner. I loved to have… [read more]