12 Creative Craft Closets {amazing ideas}

12 Craft Closets on EverythingEtsy

Have lots of crafty supplies and limited space??  Create a dreamy craft closet that’s functional and fabulous! These are some seriously creative spaces and I’m sure you can find an idea or two to use in your own workspace.   Craft closets are perfect for your guest room…just close it up when company comes and… [read more]

Scrapbook Supplies–So Organized! {12 Awesome Ideas}


It’s time to organize your scrapbook supplies with these creative DIY ideas! I know from experience that scrapbook supplies are among the hardest things in the world to keep under control.  I don’t want to stash things away where I’ll never see them, so I try to organize in a way that keeps my pretty… [read more]

Creative Organizing {I need it!}


I’m always looking for new ways to organize and change things up a bit. Pretty organized craft supplies seriously make me happy.  So, here’s some of the newest and coolest ideas out there, and I’m sure there’s one you can make this afternoon.  Many are made with supplies you might already have at home. These… [read more]

Lots of Fabric Storage Ideas – Organize It!


13 Ideas to Organize Your Fabric! Fabric can seriously take over a room…or two!  Great organization is required to keep everything where you can find it when inspiration strikes.  So many of you have said that fabric storage is one of your biggest organizational challenges.  It’s definitely one of mine! Right now I have my… [read more]

Organize Your Craft Room


I would love a craft room that’s organized and functional for every craft idea I come up with, but I REALLY want it to be beautiful! I don’t care if it’s a closet or an attic! I crave the inspiration that comes from sitting in a space that makes me feel creative and happy. So,… [read more]

Vintage Storage on Etsy – Get Organized


Vintage Finds on Etsy… I don’t really enjoy getting organized, do you?  I’ve found that cool and unique containers make me feel better about it.  It’s kinda like bribing myself…ha! Vintage containers are WAY better than those plastic ones any day of the week so go ahead and splurge on a few fun vintage finds… [read more]

A Scrapbooking Storage Closet


Do you have limited space and scrapbooking supplies taking over your house? Maybe you could turn a spare closet into something like this one. Having everything so neat and organized will make scrapbooking even more fun. Here are a few of my favorite features, and they’re all so easy to do on your own. Using… [read more]

A Lovely Craft Room


Isn’t this beautiful? It honestly looks like something out of a love story…pretty, pretty, pretty! This beautiful studio belongs to designer Margo Tantau. And I’m jealous! We spent all day going through boxes and boxes that we’ve had stored away for so long. There’s always something I save that ends up getting a little messed… [read more]

13 Great Ways to Organize With Recycled and Repurposed Finds


Recycling can be a beautiful thing!  You’ll love these creative ideas to organize with recycled and repurposed items.  I’m sure you have many of the supplies at home already…woot!  Great ideas that don’t cost a cent really make me happy! These soup cans were decorated with scrap paper and screwed to the wall for this… [read more]