6 Reasons People Buy on Etsy


If you’re selling handmade on Etsy then you are part of something important. Something big. Something that will change, is changing, the world we live in. People love handmade. Not just because it’s the cool new thing either. Our reasons are much deeper. More soulful. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that… [read more]

Time Spent Blogging is Time Well Spent


Money or Time… you’re going to have to invest at least one of the two if you want to succeed selling on Etsy.  In truth, this applies to success in any business. Always has.  Probably always will. If you’ve got the money to invest and you’ve got a good business model that will attract customers… [read more]

Are You Being Yourself Online?


{You Are Beautiful by Fresh Words Market} No woman is an island. We may wish we were on an island, but that’s a different story altogether. The point I’m making is that we’re all part of a community, or more accurately a number of communities. We’re friends, daughters, moms, etsy sellers, craftahaulics, vintage freaks, bloggers,… [read more]

Life is a Great Big Canvas {Free Printables}


I love this quote! Life really is a great big canvas and I’m excited to be living it in a creative environment and throwing on all the paint I can! Well, to be totally accurate, I usually spray my paint on! That still counts right? Here are a couple of free printables you can download… [read more]

Craft Show Tips – DIY Displays


Every weekend there’s a craft show going on around here and I honestly can’t get enough of them!  There’s nothing like seeing all that handmade goodness in one spot and getting to meet the people behind the lovely creations.  Craft shows rock! Awesome displays get my attention right away so it’s important to take the… [read more]

Old-Fashioned Business in a Modern World


Don’t let the Starbucks full of laptops, iPads, and smartphones fool you. Things really haven’t changed all that much. At least not the important things. Family, friends, community, faith, and the all-important Venti Iced Coffee all remain pretty much the same. As does the 100 degree/100 percent humidity Florida summer I’ve lovingly endured for the… [read more]

Etsy Wedding Registry & Handmade Weddings


{Photo by ArmoursansAnguish} Weddings are magical and handmade touches only add to the beauty!  We’ve share with you 101 Simple Handmade Wedding Ideas, but why not start off your new married life with fabulous handmade treasures from Etsy? Did you know you could sign up for Etsy’s Wedding Registry now?  I know if I was… [read more]