Vintage Etsy {Shop Spotlight}


Don’t you love these fabulous vintage letterpress print blocks?! I wish they were mine! This morning I found myself in Gracie’s Cottage , and I realized I should share such a great shop with all of you.  The thought did cross my mind to keep this find to myself because there are quite a few… [read more]

Cute Etsy Stuff & Other News


A Few Cute Etsy Finds… CremeDeLaGems has these sweet little gnomes you can adopt!  Too cute! These woodland counting cards from Ink Tree Press would make a great gift, or even a decoration!  I love the look of them! This Amigurumi Bear and Mushroom set are some of the great patterns you can find at… [read more]

Get Cookin’ {Etsy Love}


I’m in a cooking mood!  I’ve brought all all my cookbooks and selected wonderful recipes for this weekend!  You know, the not-so-ordinary kind of recipes…I’m trying to spice up our menu a bit. I took a look around Etsy to find some new favorites for the kitchen… The personalized pitchers and this amazing cake stand… [read more]

It’s Food Friday! {Etsy Love}


Alright, you guessed it, I was hungry when I started clicking around on Etsy for this “Etsy Love” post.  I hope these Etsy finds don’t make you too hungry… Edible Chocolate Filled Acorns – Andie’s Specialties Treats Green Tea Caramels – Fusion Sweets Halloween Marshmallow Treats – Have It Confections Autumn Leaves Sugar Cookies –… [read more]

Etsy Artist Spotlight – Earmark Invitations


Today’s Etsy Artist Spotlight is shining on Bridgette from Earmark Invitations!  You are going to love this shop, and she has tons of tips that you won’t want to miss! Here’s Bridgette…. What inspires you? Pretty much everything! Nature, Friends, Family, Colors, Travel. We can pretty much find inspiration in anything from the small and… [read more]

Etsy Fashion Hits


The well known magazine The Washingtonian is one of those so-called local publications whose reach extends far beyond the city whose name it bears. We’re thrilled to see them show-off some of the fashions that can be found on While this weeks Etsy fashion picks at might not be exactly up my ally,… [read more]



Isn’t this a beautiful quilt? You can find it at Quiltville. This summer we’ve spent quite a few nights at a children’s hospital with one of our sons. Traveling out of town under such stressful conditions is no picnic, but you can bring a bit of home with you. I’m so glad I decided to… [read more]

Handmade is On Fire Worldwide


A recent New York Times web slideshow highlighted a number of handmade artisans who have found a way to make a “real” living selling online through sites like Etsy (our favorite). Among those featured, the most dramatic (and probably highest priced), was this incredible fire bowl made of thick steel plate by Etsy seller John… [read more]

The World of Etsy {Croatia!}


We absolutely love the global nature of Etsy.  It’s the “global economy” brought down to an individual level.  WAY COOL! To celebrate that, we’re going to periodically select some really cool far away (from us) place in the world and highlight a few Etsy shops from there. Not to be boring or predictable, we’re starting… [read more]

Etsy Artist Spotlight – Amy Gaines {Giveaway}


This week we have a very successful Etsy seller…Amy Gaines! Many of you already know about her wonderful little knit creations, but I’m sure you’ll find out something you didn’t know in this week’s Etsy Artist Spotlight! Here’s Amy… Tell us a bit about yourself. I was born in Texas and raised there and in… [read more]