The 10 Secrets of Successful Blogging


Pin It Here is a method that is helping thousands of Etsy sellers reach a wider market using their blog as a marketing tool. Identify a niche that you love and expand on it. So if you love printables and that’s what you sell, expand outward to organization or home decor. Find a large niche,… [read more]

The Secret to Success Without Genius or Money


{Image via} I’ve been writing this blog for about three years. Want to know something awesome? A surprisingly large percentage of the people I first “met” in blogging about Etsy are still creating and selling online. They still have Etsy shops. They still have blogs. They’re still going strong. Some of them have had… [read more]

Etsypreneur {Weekly Business Update}


Most of you already know that we have changed up and it’s now all about Etsy business with a daily newsletter full of inspiring information to help your business grow.  Well, not JUST grow…skyrocket to become the business of your dreams!  Not everyone’s dream is the same… Your Business Made to Order – What… [read more]

10 Tips for Writing Blog Post Titles That Sell!


Pin It Blogging can be so much fun! I love it and I’ve actually been fortunate enough to make a job out of it. It’s great and can be very helpful in business, but it hasn’t always been easy. It was especially tough when I was first getting started because I really didn’t have many… [read more]

Who Else Wants to See Handmade Go Off The Charts?


If you’re selling on Etsy or selling handmade anywhere else, you, my friend, are in a great spot! Handmade is growing so fast it’s hardly measurable. Etsy is just one example of the trend but it is a great example! See below: It’s no surprise that Etsy traffic ramps up before the holiday shopping season,… [read more]

5 Things Shrimping Taught Me About Selling Online


Pin It I really love travel and I’m pretty sure travel loves me back. I can tell because things always seem to work out great for us when we decide to just “take off” with no plan and no advance notice. My Valentine’s Day started off pretty normal, but by midnight I was 200 miles… [read more]

Use Pinterest for Color Inspiration


Everyone can use a bit of color inspiration before you start a project! Have you checked out all the fabulous color palettes available on Pinterest?  It’s a great way to decide on your Spring Collection colors or make sure the colors of yarn for your next scarf don’t clash…we can’t have that! {design work life}… [read more]