Twin Turbo Label Printer Giveaway from Endicia

Twin Turbo Label Printer Giveaway

If you sell anything online though Etsy or anywhere else, then you probably do lots of shipping and mailing. We sure do and getting our hands on a LabelWriter XL printer from Endicia a few months ago made that process so much easier and faster for us. We love our label printer.

But what if you ship and mail packages of various sizes and regular envelopes with standard postage? Printing out a huge 4×6 label for an envelope isn’t really very efficient and it certainly isn’t an easy fit most of the time.

Not to worry, there is a label printer designed for you!

Endicia recently sent us a LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo printer to try out and we have a brand new one in the box to give away here on the blog.

When I tried it, I was impressed with how easy it was to set-up, to integrate with the Endicia software, and to print standard printable postage on at the same time. Easy peasy and very effective.

To get a better idea of how these label printers and the Endicia software works, check out these videos we’ve done on the subject.

Use Endicia for Brand Building with Custom Shipping Labels
Shipping Label Printing Tips for Endicia Users

And Endicia is still offering readers a free scale and a 90 day free trial…

Enter the Label Printer Giveaway Here

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  1. says

    How great this label printer would be!!! Every time I print a label I am eyeballing the one Etsy advertises on their shipping page! LOL! Thank you for the chance to win one! :)

  2. says

    I have several online businesses. I’ve had a Dymo printer on my wishlist for some time now. I really need one!!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  3. lesley says

    i am in the middle of creating a crafting room so this would be awesome for labeling all the storage containers and organizers for supplies, etc

  4. Dora L Summers says

    I could really use a label printer; starting my new business on a less than shoestring budget. I could do so much, such as organizing, printing mailing labels, making pretty labels for my merchandise. This would be one less item I would worry about how can I afford such an item. This would be a need not a want.

  5. says

    Thank you for the chance to win! I would love to use this to print a sticky label for my outgoing Etsy packages instead of always having to cut and paste paper labels. Yay!

  6. Lynn Flechsig says

    This printer would help so much! With all the Gramma Packages I send to my grand kids, it would save so much time! :) Good luck y’all!

  7. says

    I have the XL Labelwriter model and love it. I remember the days of printing, cutting, taping shipping labels and wouldn’t go back for anything. And, no more expensive ink cartridges.

  8. Teresa W says

    I am actually opening my very first Etsy shop on July 1st, and I am so nervous. I would love to win this. Anything to make starting off easier would be a huge help.

    Your blog has already helped me so much.

    Thanks a ton,

  9. Susan O'Bryant says

    I’ll probably give it to my hubby for his birthday, so he can use it to make his business shipping tasks more efficient!

  10. Jennie says

    I’m obsessed with Etsy and would love to start a business by the end of the year. Until it’s up and running, this will be great for our business selling online with Amazon!

  11. Michele T says

    I love to be organized and this would be perfect for that! Plus I’d use one of these for mailing labels – looks professional. I have a LabelWriter at work and use it all the time!!! Would love one for home!!

  12. Cindy Larsen says

    I have always wanted one of these! I would use it for my online selling! Thanks for offering this opportunity to win one.

  13. Stephanie S. says

    We all would so love this and the things I could use this for. Always drool to have one myself.

  14. Alyssia Urness says

    I would use this label printer for so many things. I am about to have a baby and I love to keep things organized. This would help a lot!


  15. says

    I would totally use this printer to SHIP ALL MY ETSY items!!! What a time saver it would be and would save me on clear packing slip envelopes too. Whoot!

  16. Melanie F says

    OMGoodness… I would use the heck out of this with my photog biz & sending packages to clients & in my much needed to be more organized home! Lol) Thanks for the sweet opp all!

  17. Kate says

    This would be amazing, I just graduated from college and got married two weeks ago, this would help me start getting my business off the ground!

  18. Michelle says

    Great videos! They are very informative and helpful. I ship a lot with Etsy. Anything that saves times is a huge plus in my book. Plus that printer looks so small and cute!

  19. says

    Oh my goodness, this would be perfect for my shop! I’m currently hand lettering all my orders which I love — but it’s starting to consume more time as my sales increase. Yikes! This little printer would have such a loving home here and well taken care of if she were to make it to our little shop in Toronto!

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