How Can I Start Selling doTERRA Essential Oils?

How Can I Start Selling doTERRA Essential Oils on

Since I’ve started mentioning doTERRA Essential Oils more and more on the blog I’ve been getting emails with questions about selling essential oils. Here’s a bit of information to help you understand how it works and why I love it.

My family started using essential oils 3-4 years ago for sinus congestion and ear infections.  These have been a problem area for us FOREVER! My mom gave us a bottle of Breathe to try and we have been using it ever since.  About 6 months ago I started looking into the benefits of other essential oils and found them to be amazing…almost like magic!  For real.  It’s simply something you have to try to believe!  I could go on and on about all the benefits we’ve experienced from essential oils like Melaleuca, Peppermint, Deep Blue and more.  I started telling everyone I know about them, and that’s how I began selling doTERRA Essential Oils.

bath bombs from

Here’s a little overview on how becoming an Independent Product Consultant or Preferred Member works…

You can become a Preferred Member and save money on each order.  It’s $10 for a lifetime membership and it allows you to purchase all products for 20% off the retail price. Sign up as a preferred member here.   

Essential Oil Set 1

You can become an Independent Product Consultant and start by receiving a 25% discount on doTERRA products. It’s $35…kind of like joining a shopping club like Sam’s Club or Costco.  You’ll earn free doTERRA products through the Loyalty Rewards Program where you get points for scheduled orders.  You’ll also get a free personalized online store, free business training, marketing tools, a virtual office for sales,and the opportunity to grow a business while sharing the real benefits of essential oils.  Earn commission on your sales and on the sales of the people that sign up to sell under you.  It’s simple, really.  You share…more people share…it’s a good thing! 

Read all the details about becoming an Independent Product Consultant here and sign up here

Essential oils for bath bombs

–Independent Product Consultants don’t need to throw parties or even sell products.  You can do it just to get the the wholesale pricing on your own orders or orders for family.  Once you start trying essential oils you might find yourself wanting to tell everyone you know…I’m warning you. Smile  They can replace so many medicines many people take on a regular basis. I used to fight headaches with Advil several times a week…now I use a couple drops of Peppermint. That has to be better for me, don’t you think?

You can grow your doTERRA business to suit your needs.  Sell products through your online store {25% commission} or buy products and sell them at retail prices.  It’s easy to get free products to turn around and sell.  You can also start building your own team and training them to build teams…the sky is the limit.  {Read more about team building here.}

Breathe Essential Oil

Click here to sign up.  Join as a new “Wellness Advocate” to get 25% off and doTERRA will send you an introductory packet including an introductory DVD, Product Guide, Essential Oil Usage Chart and more.  Read all the material, try the oils and then decide whether you want to sell essential oils or just use them for your family.  You’ll also be able to take advantage of awesome monthly promotions!

Once you try them I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do!  I hope that answers some of your questions, but feel free to email me for more information. {}

Visit My doTERRA Shop to read about the benefits of essential oils!



  1. Hollie says

    I’d love to see Doterra but I am Canadian and live in Abu Dhabi but I do have a US mailing address. It doesn’t seem to want to let me enter that info. Suggestions?


  2. Corinna Webster says

    I’m interested in selling these products! They have helped me in so many ways. Please contact me so I can get started!:) thank you

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