16 Packaging Ideas for Etsy Sellers

16 Packaging Ideas for Etsy Sellers - EverythingEtsy.com

Etsy sellers create some of the prettiest packaging ever!  First impressions make an impact, and everyone loves to open up a box to find something wrapped with a little extra care and love.

Awesome packaging can really make your products stand out!  When I’m shopping on Etsy pretty packaging can be that final little nudge to go ahead and purchase right now.  Ever want to buy something because of the creative packaging?  Am I the only one?  I think not!  If you are a lover of all things packaged pretty this post is for you!

Take a look at some of these exceptional ideas for packaging your way to repeat customers for life, or simply being know as the giver of the prettiest presents in the family.

etsy packaging ideas 6

Knotted World blows me away with their packaging!  It’s colorful and simply fun…wouldn’t you like to get one of these in the mailbox???

etsy packaging ideas 5

ISassiDellAdriatico adds a bit of washi tape and stamps to create stunning packages!  What a great look without spending  a ton!

Packaging Ideas for Etsy Sellers 1

Plumeria wraps with tissue paper and a swee little handmade tag!  This is a great look!

etsy packaging ideas 4

Bead Bash Blog created these pretty boxes with a simple stamp and string…great idea!

etsy packaging ideas 7

Zack & Lili has a beautiful style…I just love looking at these packages!

etsy packaging ideas 8

Heather Everson Design knows how to wrap a package!

etsy packaging ideas 9

Tall Tree Designs sells this amazing stamped paper and she wraps up her sales with it…I want it!  I don’t even care what’s inside!

etsy packaging 10

Love Pretty Garland creates beautiful garland and packages them in a fabric bag.  It’s pretty, and a great way to store the garland!

etsy packaging ideas 11

Zealously B stamps each package with a Z!  Cute Idea!

etsy packaging 12

Starace 1919 sells great gifts for men and she packages them up it style…just awesome!

etsy packaging ideas 13

Heather Everson Design…what a great looking bag!

etsy packaging 14

Throwing Shop adds a little clay tag to her packages…perfect for her shop!

etsy packaging ideas 16

Bliss Baby Designs adds a bit of pretty to each package…it’s so sweet!

etsy packaging ideas - everythingetsy

This is the way I packaged my jewelry when I started.  It was a great way to use up fabric scraps at the same time!

Etsy packaging ideas 17

Ruth Bleakley adds a little paper wrapper…perfect for her journals!

etsy packaging ideas 18

Blu Hour wraps her items with some simple supplies that have a big impact.

Keep your packaging simple, but pretty!  Don’t go overboard and make it too hard on yourself.   Packaging doesn’t have to be crazy time consuming or expensive to make an impression.  I hope you see that in some of the examples above.

Do you have a favorite? {I’d love to hear about it in the comments!}

Pretty packaging and easy shipping go together perfectly in a successful Etsy shop!

Once you’ve packaged up your treasures you’ll want to use shipping that makes your life easier…no one has time for those crazy post office lines!

We ship packages from our Etsy shop with Endicia!

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How do you package your Etsy sales?  I’m always open to new ideas!  All of these ideas came from our readers sharing on Everything Etsy’s Facebook page.  Thanks so much for your feedback and excellent ideas!




    • says

      Hi, I was wondering if you ever found a place that does custom stamps? I’ve looked lots of places and have been unable to find exactly what I’m looking for. Any tips would be appreciated. Cheers!

  1. says

    Thank you for sharing these clever ideas.
    I love your colorful jewelry bag, I’m in the process of starting a second shop on etsy separating my jewelry from my other shop, these little bags would be perfect, can I copy them????:):)
    I added a silk flower to my package, tissue wrapped and tied with yarn, looked so Spring like, customer loved it.
    Such clever people here.

  2. says

    I just bought some pillow covers from
    Designer Pillow Shop…she packages in a paper bag sewn on the sides with a serger. Has a paper ribbon and sticker…so cute!!

  3. Patty Andrea says

    Really lovely packaging ideas! I have always been a lousy gift wrapper, but I’m getting better! For my shop, I use recycled white tissue, tied with colorful ribbons of whatever I have on hand (I try to match the colors of the ribbon with whatever prominent color is on the item purchased.) I also include a hand written Thank You notecard that I make out of good quality designer/scrapbooking papers (again, I coordinate it with the item and the ribbon.)

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