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Free Crochet Heart Pattern

Every year around Valentine’s Day I make these sweet little crochet hearts…they’re one of my favorite projects!  Crochet hearts are perfect for banners, card decorating, gift toppers, brooches, lunch box notes and just a little something sweet to let someone know you love them.   I sprinkle them on tables and string them up all over…it’s my simple way of decorating for Valentine’s Day.  It’s also a fabulous way to use up yarn scraps!

I thought I’d share my simple crochet heart pattern with you and help you spread the love.  Please don’t be afraid if you are just learning to crochet…this is the perfect project for you!

We just added a video to go along with this tutorial…click here to see the Crochet Heart Pattern Video!

Free Crochet Pattern @EverythngEtsy

Crochet Heart Pattern

I’m going to just write this out like I would say it…I’m not an expert and I can’t stand patterns with codes I have to look up!

Hook size – H

Yarn – Vanna’s Choice {Lion Brand}  in tons of colors.  I have quite the collection!

  • Chain 4
  • Treble Crochet the next 3 into your first chain {the very first one!}
  • Chain 1
  • Double Crochet 3 {into the first chain}
  • Chain 1
  • Treble Crochet 1 {into the first chain – this is the bottom point of the heart}
  • Chain 1
  • Double Crochet 3 {into the first chain}
  • Chain 1
  • Treble Crochet 3 {into the first chain}
  • Chain 3
  • Then insert the hook through the center {you will see it easily} and slip stitch
  • Tie a knot and you’re finished!
  • Stretch it a bit to get the shape even.
  • Make a million more!

Need a video?  Follow along and make them with our new Crochet Heart Pattern Video right here!

Crochet Hearts @EverythingEtsy - Free Pattern

I told you I have them everywhere!

Crochet Hearts featured image

I hope you’ll try some today and let me know what you did with them!


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  1. says

    These are gorgeous. I really like the way you explain the pattern. I can see these on pin cushions, garlands, pillows – oh the possibilities are endless.

  2. Natalie says

    Thanks for this pattern! I’ve tried several others and just couldn’t get it. Finally got the right shape with this one. I can’t wait to make that garland in your photo, some bookmarks and pins for kids’ backpacks.

    • says

      Bookmarks…cute! I’m happy you were able to understand the instructions…I’m seriously not a crochet expert, but I love simple projects like these! Happy Valentine’s Day!


  3. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this heart pattern. I made one so far, and plan on making many more. They’ll make nice hat embellishments. I love how quickly it goes. I can see them on scarves and bags, possibly even sweaters. Yay!

  4. Linda says

    Thanks for a cute heart pattern. I made enough for a friends little girl to give out at pre-school.

    The pattern was easy to follow.

    Happy Valentine’s Day !

    • says

      Linda – Thanks so much to letting me know how it worked for you! I was a little nervous about trying to share the instructions! :) Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!


    • says

      Hi Hazel!

      The pattern isn’t a file, but you can read the instruction right in the post. It’s super simple and you’ll want to make a bunch once you try it! :)


  5. Dawn says

    I LOVE how quick and simple these are to work up. I have so many ideas for ways to use them. Thank you do much for a great, simple, quick, cute pattern.

  6. Bel says

    Help! I’ve only just learnt crochet (today) & I don’t understand the instructions… How do I keep making rows into the first row when this row was used up with the first set of triple crochets? I figured I could then crochet into the other side of the first chain for the first set of double crochet, but just can’t get my head around around how to keep using the first chain for each row when I’ve already done both sides of it. Hope this makes sense, would love some help from anyone who knows how to make these! :)

    • Bel says

      Don’t worry, I finally figured out that it meant the first chain link (ie keep going back through the same first loop) rather than working along the chain…

  7. says

    How cute are these?!? I love it! Placing a group of them (especially candy colored ones) in a bowl is such a great idea. It gave me a chuckle how you wrote the pattern like you would say it to someone. I tend to do that too. Glad I am not the only one! :) Thank you for sharing these adorable little hearts with us.

  8. says

    Wow!! So glad to stumble upon your blog. I’m new to Etsy, but a long- time blogger and crafter, so I hit the jackpot with you. Looking forward to reading more! Thanks for sharing your projects with the rest of us!


  9. Rhian says

    Can’t figure out where I’m going wrong, very new to crocheting. I’m ending up with a large hole in the middle of the heart where I’m going into the first stitch over and over. Any tips?!

  10. Reney says

    I found your pattern on Pinterest and it is so easy and so cute! I made a half dozen to decorate a scarf for a little girl. Thank you!

  11. Stephanie says

    Thank you for this video! I’ve been knitting for years but I never could crochet, that is until tonight! Being snowed in during a blizzard I got this tutorial in my email and thought I would give it a try. Well needles to say I DID IT!! Thank you!!! Looking fwd to learning more from your videos!

    • says

      Stephanie! I was thinking of everyone being snowed in when I made it. I’m so excited you were able to make one!

      Check back for St. Patrick’s Day…we already have a video on our Tutorial Page for shamrocks. You can make them if you can make a heart! :)

      I can’t knit…and I’ve tried watching videos. :)


  12. Kathy says

    Found this tutorial on Pinterest! Just in time to make some little hearts for my co-workers. For the first time ever in our office, we are each creating Valentine boxes for our desks. These will be perfect, and even tho I don’t plan on signing the notes that go with them, they will know who they are from! I’m a beginner in crochet, but with the tutorial I think I can totally do these! THANK YOU!

    • says

      Hi Kathy!

      That’s awesome! It sounds like a fun place to work. I’m planning on mailing some little hearts to family out of town. Everyone needs one, right??

      I’m so glad you’re going to try it!


  13. Caroline says

    Love this pattern! The hearts are very cute!
    When I do this, my hearts look more like circles and I end up with a sizable hole in the middle, though. What can I do to fix these issues?
    Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Caroline! I have no idea why you would end up with a circle…yikes! Maybe you should click on the link to the crochet heart video we just added. That way you can follow along and make sure you’re getting the stitches right. You can do it…don’t give up!


  14. says

    I started making these and before I knew it had a whole pile!! They are so wonderfully quick! ! I think a lot of my friends will be getting mini valentines tokens from me 😉 xx

  15. Karol Kinne says

    If you wanted to make the heart a bit larger would you just increase the number of chains at the a newbe.

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