Craft Room–Vintage Style

Craft Room - Vintage Inspired - Kendra McCraken on

Love vintage treasures?  Do you dream of a room full of crafty supplies and vintage containers all around you?  You will love this creative space!

This fabulous vintage style craft room belongs to Kendra McCracken.  She has a knack for finding the perfect vintage goodies, and today I’ll show you a peek inside her lovely vintage inspired craft room.

You’re going to be looking up yard sales in your area in minutes!

Craft Room - Vintage style

Just look at this photo for a moment and take in all the details.  Wow, this kind of collection doesn’t happen in a weekend.  But, it’s always a good time to start!

craft room - jar storage

These are so pretty!

Glass canning jars are used for storing little things.  She found some of these for less that a dollar!!  I just paid $12 for one mason jar last weekend, so I need to learn a few vintage shopping skills for sure…ha!

craft room - storage

Paints are stored in an old soda pop crate…just beautiful!

Craft Room - Kendra McCracken

There’s so much to see in this amazing craft room and Kendra tells the story of how she found many of the vintage items.  She has a beautiful style! 

You’ll want to visit Kendra McCracken’s blog to see all the beautiful photos of this vintage style craft room.

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Don’t you want to start shopping for vintage treasure right this very minute???  I know I do!



  1. Mandy Williams says

    Fantastic post! I’m lucky to have a dedicated craft room ~ and now I realize how lucky I am to have a fair number of family treasures that I can repurpose as craft room storage & décor! Going to run around my house and look at everything in a whole new way.

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