Mod Melts Paper Clips–Handmade Gift

Mod Melts Paper Clips - Handmade Gifts @EverythingEtsy

Mod Melt Crafts are so much fun!  These Mod Melts paper clips make great handmade gifts for any age!

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Mod Melts can be bought at your local craft store in the aisle with all the Mod Podge products.  There are a few different molds you can choose from including flowers.  The possibilities are endless and you won’t believe how quick you can create something pretty.

If you can use a hot glue gun you’ll feel like an expert in minutes!

Mod Melts Paper Clips - DIY Gift

Flower paper clips are great for back-to-school, Christmas, birthdays…add them to any book for a super quick handmade gift.

Mod Melts by Mod Podge - Create Bookmarks!

You should always make a few for yourself!

Here’s a little tutorial to help you get started…

Mod Melts How to

I used a flower mold, Mod Melts sticks, colorful paper clips and some glittery Martha Stewart paint.

Use a hot glue gun the same way you would with glue.  Just add some to your mold, let it dry for 20 minutes or so and pop them out.  Trim any extra away while it’s still fresh out of the mold.

You’ll have pretty white flowers.  Use them like that or paint them.  My flowers have a couple coats of glitter paint…glitter rules.

Let them dry and you can attach them to paper clips or magnets with a little dab of Mod Melts.

mod melts @EverythingEtsy

Sweet and simple…just the kind of handmade gift I love!

Mod Melts Craft Idea @EverythingEtsy

Have you tried Mod Melts yet?  I’d love to hear what you created!

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Happy Summer!



  1. Shelleyanne says

    What a great idea, I have never seen Mod Melts and would love to know where to get them from. Also where do you get your molds?

  2. says

    These are so stinkin cute! I have not seen these before but I’m thinking I might be getting some. Thanks for sharing this super easy craft. Oh, and how about a magnet on the back? Would that work instead of paper clip?

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