Scrapbooking Spaces – Summer Memories


It’s that time of year when you snap lots and lots of photos during your summer trips and pool parties.  You’ll need your scrapbooking supplies in order to easily share those fun summer memories.

There’s something about having all my supplies organized and looking pretty that makes me a tad more creative.  It also helps for me to create while I’m in the mood and not lose interest while looking for just the right ribbon.  What can I say…I’m easily distracted!


Scrapbooking areas like this one can keep your pretty papers right in reach.  You don’t have to get all crazy with the latest gadgets and trends in organization to have a simply creative space.  A few fresh flowers never hurt! :)


Don’t you hate how hard it is to keep your collection of ribbon looking nice and easy to use?  It can be so hard to handle!!  This has always been one of my favorite organization ideas for ribbon.

Use cheap floss containers!  Just wrap ribbon around the paper spools and organize by color…perfect!


A basement turned beautiful with lots of space for this and that…I love the two workspaces!  Modular cubes can do wonders for creating a space that works just right for you.


I’m planning to use a photo box to organize some of my summer photos.  Double prints makes it easy for me to have just the right photos on hand when I need them.

Do you scrapbook or keep photo albums?  What works for you?  I’d love to hear your tips and ideas for saving and sharing your summer photos!!!!


If you love organization ideas… you should see this beautiful list of DIY ideas:

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    Love that white photo box! I use to make 8×8 scrapbooks by hand (12×12 was always too big for me!) but recently I’ve been doing more layouts digitally. Making them digitally is so much easier for resizing and rearranging things, but they just don’t have that same feel that the one’s I’ve made by hand have!

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    Oh how I wish I had time to do scrapbooking! The organization in these rooms is to die for. If only my two year old would magically pick up after herself! Thanks for the inspiration.

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