Felt Ombre Wreath Tutorial {Burlap+Blue}

Hello, sweet Everything Etsy readers! This is Linda, with burlap+blue, and I am so happy to be here today sharing a tutorial for one of my very favorite things…

Felt Ombre Wreath Tutorial 1

This wreath combines gorgeous wool felt with one of my favorite decor trends-ombre!

It’s super simple to whip up, here’s the how-to:

Materials Needed:

  • wool felt (a 14″ wreath takes approximately 8 9×12 sheets of felt)
  • straw wreath form
  • hot glue (and lots of it!)

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

DSC_0035 (2)

And this is the wreath form I picked up at Hobby Lobby…


Step 2: Cut your felt. I cut each sheet of felt into 6 strips (cutting lengthwise). I then cut each length into 5 rectangles…


Next, take your rectangles and cut out teardrop-shaped pieces…


Use a good pair of scissors so you can cut multiple pieces at once. When you are done, you should have a big ‘ol pile of felt goodness…


Step 3: Warm up that hot glue gun and start gluing! Since a picture is worth many words, here are two images that should help you get a feel for the layout…



I started with the white felt pieces, and glued a row across the width of the wreath. I did 2-3 rows of each color (I had 10 colors total of felt). In the second image, I had just finished up the teal portion and am about to start on the green. Gluing onto this size wreath form takes approximately 30-40 minutes.


DSC_0051 (2)

Easy, fun and beautiful-the color combinations are endless (and so are the places in your home where you are going to want one of these lovelies!)

Thank you so much for letting me spend time with you all today! Please visit me over at burlap+blue for more tutorials, home inspiration and more!

Thanks so much, Linda!  It’s always a pleasure to have you share one of your projects with us.  This one rocks…you know I love felt!!!

Check out my felt shop, KimberlyLayton.com, for beautiful wool felt in so many colors!  Have fun with felt!


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  1. Kathleen says

    Very cute… I picked up a straw wreath at Michael’s yesterday (it was $1 more than Hobby Lobby, dang!). I have never used one… are you NOT supposed to take off the plastic? LOL! It’s a mess if ya do! I needed mine white and was going to paint it (doing a tulle cover for Easter), but… now, I’m going to wrap it in white plastic.


  2. says

    Ha – had to laugh about the comment of taking off the wrapping. . .(do you?)

    Love the colors and the tutorial. I almost feel like I could do it!

  3. Pat says

    Could you give me measurements for the leaves? My felt is 12 x 18, not 8 x 12 and I’m no good at math :) These wreaths are gorgeous.
    Thanks, Pat

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