Dream Home Craft Room {House of Turquoise}

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Wow!  I love, love, love this fabulous craft room!  It’s the kind of room I could stay in for days without coming out.  Take a look at the beautiful color combination and that floor…oh my, that floor is awesome.

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I know you are all drooling over this room!


You can find out all the juicy details and see the whole house tour over at House of Turquoise.  These photos were taken by homeowner, Cristi and her photography partner Jessi Safsten of Hiya Papaya.

This craft room was too good not to share!

What’s your favorite part?  Did you see the wallpaper?  What about the rug?



  1. says


    Thanks for featuring my craft room! My husband and I are the homeowners. Jessi Safsten is my photography business partner. Just thought I would clarify that! :)

  2. says

    How inspirational! I was just thinking how hard I would be at work if I had a craft room like that. Then, I thought “Maybe if I worked really hard at selling my crafts, I could have a craft room like that!” 😉

  3. Jane S. says

    What a beautiful and inspiring room! I love it all — the floors, the wallpaper, the shelving and storage. I am completely envious!

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