22 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room

Craft RoomCraft supplies can take over your crafty space!  I have the hardest time with supplies because I’m a seriously messy crafter!  I spread stuff everywhere when I’m working on a project and cute storage ideas make a world of difference to me when it’s time to straighten up.

I thought I’d share some creative ideas I found when searching for new ways to organize my own space.


1.  Painted pastel glass jars are awesome for holding all your pencils, markers and paint brushes!  Check out this great tutorial at kootut murut!  Reuse those old jars and make one-of-a-kind beauties like these in any color you want!


2.  Craftaholics Anonymous has a beautiful new craft room and the way she organizes her fabric is FABULOUS!!!  Don’t you love the way the it hangs where you can see it?!  I hate to take beautiful fabric and stash it in a box or basket.  This is so much more inspiring!  You can see all the creative details of this crafty space here.


3.  Create your own Sewing Thread Organizer!  Now that’s organized!!!  You should see me with my basket of thread…it’s really kinda scary.  The Creative Homemaker explains all the details here.


4.  Shabby Chic tin cans are one of my favorite finds ever!  Check out Shabby Chic Inspired for more information on these sweet shabby organizers created from basic tin cans.  They are stunning!

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5.  Display your supplies and keep them in reach and as pretty craft room decor at the same time…I love this look!  {Lamaison d’Anna G}


6.  I know you have an old frame around somewhere!  Add a little paint and some hanging wooden dowels to organize your lovely stash of ribbon.  You can find the instructions on Scrapbooks Etc.


7.  Why didn’t I think of this?!  Use letter holders for a beautiful way to store your fabric…so smart!  {Design Mom – Jamie Diersing}


8.  This might not hold that much but it sure looks cute!  Take an old ladle, drill and hole in the handle and bend it to the perfect shape.  How original!  {instructions at Country Home}


9.  Reusing jars is a great way to save some money!  Just screw small embroidery hoops to the wall and adjust them to hold your jars tightly.  Love it!


10.  Shoe organizers are awesome space savers!  Pens, paintbrushes and so many other craft supplies fit in those pouches and stay in an easy to reach spot.


11.  Make It and Love It created these fabric covered cardboard boxes!  They’re Perfect!!  You’ll find more beautiful photos here.

I can always use a bit of inspiration when it comes to organizing my craft supplies.  To avoid a seriously LONG post I split this list in two.  I hope you’ll check back for Part 2 of this post later this week!

Looking for part 2 of this post…click here!

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Got a great tips to share for organizing craft supplies???  Please share it in the comments! 


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  1. says

    I can’t even decide which idea I like best – each one was better than the one before. . .slapping my head. . .why didn’t I think of that!! The fabric displays are too dang adorable.

  2. jen says

    Finding this blog from pinterest this morning has inspired a Sunday craft day. Thank you!!! My daughters are going to love this.

  3. says

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! I have a very messy craft room n I didn’t know where I was going to place all my stuff or even where to start! Now with some of you great ideas. I can now get it started. Did I say “Thank You”?? Just so happy.

  4. Prontip says

    All great ideas but there’s no way I could use any of the fabric storage ideas. It’s just not practical with all the fabric I own! 😉

    • ChefBeth says

      Same issue I have! Was thinking most of these idears are for folks with no stash! Or beginners.

  5. says

    Awesome. For so long I searched for some way to hold all of my ribbon and washi tape. My husband and I finally put something together that seems to work. These are all great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lynn Maddox says

    Thanks so much for such great organizing ideas. I cannot decide which idea I like the most, but have plans to try out several of them! ; )

  7. Angela Mpando says

    Hi Kim,
    Lovely ideas of storing stuff. Am a weaver and just throw my threads in a box. What U need is somewhere to display the threads so my customers can choose thread colour combinations. You are an inspiration. Thanks for the great ideas.
    Angela Mpando.

  8. ChefBeth says

    The letter holder is a great idea butnot for fat quarters (I have 1000s), but for choosing your fabrics for your current design you are working on!

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