Christmas, Camping & Crochet

It’s been one of those action packed holidays around here and I am looking forward to the routine of a normal week again!

I hope you had a wonderful time with friends and family!

basket of yarn 1

I, of course, started a new project in the middle of everything that was going on…ha!  I always want to crochet something as the temperature drops, but my skills are very limited to put it lightly.

camping 1

While we were camping {in our new vintage trailer that rocks} I looked up an awesome ripple blanket tutorial that I’ll share with you later.  I had a bit of time to start and start over again multiple times until I finally got it!  Yay!!!  I was so excited I took photos.  {Isn’t that the way it is for bloggers?}

So, in between Christmas and camping I managed to crochet this…

crochet ripple blanket1

I love, love, love the pretty colors of this yarn!  It will be much larger but you get the idea.  It’s a little challenging teaching yourself new skills!

Have you started any new projects lately?  Is your house starting to return to normal yet?  :)



  1. says

    I love the colors here! It will be beautiful! Winter makes me want to quilt and crochet too.

    I am thinking about starting glass fusing with one of those little microwave kilns. I love the pendants a lady at work makes. Thing is I will probably out grow the little kiln in no time!

  2. says

    I would LOVE to know how to crochet! I used to know how to do a simple chain, but have forgotten (it was 30 years ago!) and never learned anything else. Maybe that needs to be a resolution for this year! :)

  3. says

    Love the colors that you choose which would be great as a scarf,cowl or afghan. I live to crochet of course that is what my Etsy shop is all about. I’ve managed to crochet pieces for myself b/c I am the model so I have 5 projects going right now: a cloche (just finished a matching handbag), a cowl-collared poncho, a shawl-collared shrug and a newsboy cap.

  4. says

    oh my goodness. That camper looks just like the one my grandparents took us camping in every summer.
    Love the chevron stitch!! I taught myself that one this winter too! and it made a gorgeous scarf!

  5. says

    The colors are so pretty. I’ve started teaching my 8 year old granddaughter to knit and she loves it! Of course, I’ve had to reteach myself. lol We are just doing a basic stitch now but she has almost gone through a whole skein of yarn so I have to reteach myself have to start with a new skein and I also promised her I would teach her a new stitch which I will also have to learn first. Its a lot of fun for both of us. Tomorrow I have plans to start my first quilt. I drew out my own pattern and started to cut out the strips tonight. This will be a lap quilt, starting out small. Got my fingers crossed that it works out. I would love to make some for Christmas gifts next year.

  6. says

    Wow! That looks lovely! I’m starting to get a glimpse of the return of normal in our home, although I think it will be another week before it’s completely normal again… once my daughter is back in school & hubby is back at work! 😉

  7. Kenna Rogers says

    Congratulations on teaching yourself to crochet!! I taught myself many years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed many, many hours of crocheting! Your work looks wonderful!! It looks like you are a pro already! I love these colors!!!

  8. says

    What great colors you chose for your ripple blanket! It makes me happy just looking at it! I made a few of these when i was a kid. My grandma taught me to crochet when I was VERY young and I crocheted constantly it seemed for years. I got a bug a few years ago and made some scarves for my girls but then kind of dropped it. Lately though I’ve been seeing some awesome crocheted projects on Pintrest and have been dying to get out the yarn again. Thanks for sharing your ripple blanket…great inspiration! :)

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