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Totally Random Pinterest Love…

092111-rainbowjars10(1) (1) {DIY Tinted Mason Jars – Momtastic}

Today I’m taking it easy and plan to play around on Pinterest for hours!!  It’s my birthday, so I can do what I want! :)  Yes, pinning is relaxing and I love all the inspiration from such creative people.  I’ve discovered some wonderful blogs from their pins and I really love it!

240972218_gxMvqAv7_c {I had lots of these…showing my age? Ha!}

Anyway…now that I’ve stated my addiction to Pinterest for like the fifth time, I’d like to ask for a little help from you.

104543134_r2gWpsrz_c {I love it, I want it…might be too pretty to eat!}

I would love to follow your pins!!! Can you leave me a link in the comments to your Pinterest boards??

THANK YOU! This will make it easier to find your lovely pins!

Thanks for being so fun to hang out with online!


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  1. says

    I think we already follow each other….sometimes, we pin each other at the same time, I swear. Thank goodness there’s no blood drawn on pinning. It would be ugly if it was ‘real’ pinning.

    But here is me…..

    You know, I formed “Pinterest Anonymous” group, don’t you? As a birthday present, you can be the Honorary Chairman of the Board Pinner!

    Happy Birthday Kim!
    P.S. I had those jellies in every color too!

  2. says

    Thanks for all your sweet birthday wishes…I had a wonderful day! :)

    I’m following all of you now! I can’t wait to see all your pins. Thanks so much for leaving your Pinterest links!


  3. says

    Many, many happy returns of the day, Kim – hope you have a fabulous year ahead.

    That picture-perfect cake looks too good to eat, anyway.

    And hey, I can identify with that footwear 😉 My birthday was just two days ago :-)

    I’ve got an invite from Pinterest but haven’t created my profile there yet.

    Love your blog because I am crafts-crazy.

  4. says

    Hi Kim… I have been trying to join pinterest for more than 6 months! many people ask me to follow/ pin /add them. But I have repeatedly asked for an invite and never received even one… I just keep getting the request invite page and never receive an invite… what am I doing wrong?! I love what I see so far on pinterest… just wish I could take part!
    CathyB pbprojecthope at yahoo dotcom

  5. Alli Davis says

    Hi – what a circle of life it is!! Just found a link to your site on pinterest – was having a look around (as you do) and found this post, so am now off to check out your pins – I am at:
    I just LOVE Pinterest – it’s such a treasure trove of cool cool stuff!!
    Happy pinning xx

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