How I Use Twitter {Etsy Business}

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Twitter is a valuable marketing tool that’s FREE!

Over the last couple of years I’ve become quite comfortable with using Twitter to promote my Etsy shops and blogs, but it wasn’t an easy thing for me in the beginning.  It was a bit out of my comfort zone and I felt out of place during each of my first 50 tweets.

Now, I have about 14,000 Twitter followers and I actually enjoy tweeting! 

I’ll just tell you how I use Twitter on a regular basis and maybe you’ll find a tip or two to help you with your Etsy business.

I use Hootsuite because it really helps me to keep up with great tweeters and find information I would have missed.  You can set up columns to watch certain groups of friends or keywords on subjects you’re interested in…like “Etsy” for example. 

This has also helped me with the amount of time I spend on Twitter…we all know how valuable our time is with running an Etsy shop.  Any social media can really eat up time if you don’t have a few guidelines.

I usually check my tweets in the morning, around lunch, and in the evening.  When I’m really movin’ and shakin’ I set up tweets to post throughout the day. I highly recommend that!

I tweet about cool things I’ve read on blogs, retweet others, tweet about new blog posts, items in my shops, sales and a bit about what I’m working on or eating…lol!

I’ve met some fabulous people on Twitter!  Over time I’ve found out who tweets the coolest stuff and the latest information, and who’s really helpful in spreading the word when I have something to share.

One common mistake I see is Etsy shop owners only tweeting about the items in their shop…constantly.  You have to mix it up a bit or people will kinda zone out to your tweets and they won’t be that effective in promoting your business.

The best advice I can give is to only tweet 1 time to promote yourself to every 10 tweets that are helpful to someone or sharing great information.

Using Twitter the right way won’t take up too much time and your contacts will be worth the effort…who couldn’t use a little free promotion?!

You might be interested in reading Using Twitter For An Etsy Business.

If you have any Twitter tips to share or questions that I might be able to help you with, just leave it in the comments. 

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  1. says

    Hey Kim,

    Great advice and I could not agree more on the Etsy Over Tweeter…I hate that. I have unfollowed many an Etsy person because of that. I don’t want to see 13 tweets listing 13 new items in their shop all at one time. Overkill!
    Your ratio for business tweeting is perfect.
    Good info here…thanks

    Janet xox
    .-= janet metzger´s last blog ..What Do You Know About Aqua Ball Jars? =-.

  2. says

    My best tip is research all you can and take it one step at time. I just signed up for twitter about a month ago. Although I’ve been a facebook user for a few years, I only started to get the hang of networking a few weeks ago. I’m gaining speed with facebook, so now I’m focusing on increasing blog traffic and then I’ll focus on twitter.
    .-= Crystal´s last blog ..Networking Goals =-.

  3. says

    Janet – Thanks! I always enjoy your tweeting with you. :)

    Crystal – Sounds like a plan. I think it works out great when you work on one thing at a time like that. Then you can focus your energy and build one area while just maintaining the others.

    Morgan – Thanks! I’m glad it’s been helpful to you! :)

  4. says

    Just retired and getting back into the groove again. I was a seller at flee markets in my day!! I have been doing my research and just started following you. Thanks for all the help and will continue searching your site and following you on media.

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