Organized Fabric Inspiration

The thought of having every little crafty bit of paper, string and fabric all organized and ready when a moment of creativity strikes…oh, what a dream.

Organizing supplies always gives me new ideas and makes me realize what cool stuff I already have available.  Sometimes I should just shop around my own closet before heading out to the store!  Am I the only one that ends up with 5 rolls of white ribbon???  I think not.

Fabric is one of the biggest challenges!!!

Take a look at these creative ways to organize fabric without adding on a room…


Those little chalkboard tags make all the difference, don’t you think?!  I wish I could wake up tomorrow to this in my house!

0510-warner-09-office-modern-organized-de (2)

Style & organization! These modern metal baskets rock…they sure beat my worn out old wicker ones!

16 - fill your jars with prettiness.

There’s always a problem when you don’t want to throw away beautiful scraps of fabric. I Like Orange has an awesome solution.


Sorting in jars with like colors and covering the lid with matching fabric is super smart, easy and cheap!!


If you have a bunch of fabric {oh, I wish} around you might want to try organizing with foam boards.  You can easily secure your fabric right to the board with stick pins.  The Little Green Bean shares all the creative details.

fabric storage

One of my favorites from Holly’s Street!  Whoa…that’s all I can say!

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Care to share how you organize your fabric??


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  1. says

    These rooms look so beautiful! My fabric is “organized” (I put that in quotes because it isn’t very organized at all) by folding and storing on shelves. It isn’t the best solution because I can’t really see everything and it gets messy quickly. I agree though, reorganizing always gives me ideas!!

  2. says

    I love all these ideas! Beautifully displayed. I love the closet organizer solutions you find at home centers. I use comic book boards to make mini bolts. Less expensive and time consuming than cutting foam boards and works just as well. I store them in a 9 cube organizer. I also use the 2 shelf organizer, remove the shelf so I just have the “box”, to store my full size bolts. They all stack nicely in my craft closet.

  3. Carol Y says

    I keep yardage folded and in the closet to keep it out of the light and less dusty. Our quilt shop throws away the center cardboard from bolts when empty, so I use those for my backing fabric. Since I mostly quilt, I cut scraps smaller than a quarter yard into 5″, then 3.5″ and finally 2″ squares, depending on the size of the scrap. I got the idea from a scrap therapy class which had patterns based on those sizes. All squares go into the ubiquitous clear plastic shoe tubs. I don’t sub-cut specialty fabric scraps in case I need an odd size, nor do I cut down certain pieces that are potential art-quilt or applique worthy. But I store them flat!

  4. says

    I love the jars, I have a few empty ones in the garage, now I know what to do with them, of course now I have to think of a place to put them in my sewing room so they look as pretty as the ones you show.
    thank you Kim for all the good ideas, love them
    .-= Gaby´s last blog ..Wireless Keyboard Case/Sleeve/Pouch =-.

  5. says

    Love the jar idea for scraps! I bought two green bin storage systems from Pier 1. They look like they came from an old store. I stacked them on top of each other and that is where I keep my cotton fabrics. I then bought a sweater hanger for the closet and put my wool fabric in there.
    .-= Susan Hemann´s last blog ..Quiet Reflection Sunday =-.

  6. says

    Joann’s had translucent shoe boxes on sale this week… 60% off. I bought ten, and I should have gotten more. They are so handy and stackable. I can see all of my tools and bits and bobs!

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