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Hello, Everything Etsy readers! This is Linda, from burlap+blue, and I’m thrilled to be here today showing you all how to make a fun and easy wreath…


I wanted something simple, colorful and fun, and this wreath has all that in spades.


  • Wreath form
  • strips of burlap (or fabric of your choosing)
  • Flower punch (mine is Martha Stewart)
  • Cardstock or paint chips
  • Pins of your choosing

Step 1: Wrap your wreath with your fabric of choice, and punch out your flower shapes (a butterfly punch would make a sweet wreath as well). I wanted a rainbow effect for mine, but any color palette would work!


Step 2: Using your pins (mine have a pearl head), attach flowers to your wreath form. I also bent the leaves of my flowers slightly to add a little bit of dimension.


Step 3: Continue around your wreath, pinning and bending until you’ve reached your desired look.


That’s it! Just hang and admire!

Thank you so much for letting me share my wreath here today!

Thanks, Linda!!  I love the thought of using paint chips!

Since you used pins to hold the flowers on, it seems like it would be easy to switch it out for different holidays.  You could pin leaves for Fall or blue snowflakes for Winter without creating a whole new wreath.

Check out Linda’s blog and Etsy shop…you’ll love them!


  1. says

    Hello Kim,
    That’s for introducing us to Linda. I linked over and checked out her blog and Etsy shop. She is very creative and has amazing items in her shop. I love the wreath project; seems easy. Can you change out of the flowers for each season?
    Smiles, Paula

  2. Tricia Richner says

    So so stinkin’ cute! My mom brought me some burlap from a project she was doing and now I can use it for this project. Thanks for sharing?

  3. says

    Love this wreath and already planning on making one after the upcoming wedding festivities for daughter are over. We used that same punch to make kissing balls to hang at the wedding and they turned out adorable!

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