Intro To Link Building For Etsy Shop SEO {video}

Our first etsy shop seo video now has close to 1500 views and we’ve had dozens of viewers share that it was helpful to them! We were so glad to hear that and Tim and I have created a second video on the next most important part of Etsy Shop SEO, which is building links to your shop all over the place online.

This video goes through all of the most important basics of what “good” links are and how you can build them. Just like the first Everything Etsy University Video, this one is about 20 minutes of detailed information that will help you be successful. We’re offering it for free with no strings attached. You don’t even have to give us an email address. But if you want to learn more about success on etsy, sign up to get EverythingEtsy posts by email.

Enjoy the video and feel free to continue the discussion here in the comments section!



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    Hey guys! Thanks so much for sharing this informative SEO video. I’ve been wondering something about SEO/Links- heres my question. I use a GoDaddy domain name at my site off Etsy but use the subdomain option ( when pointing back at my etsy shop- because the actual page address is essentially masked I’m wondering if I’m actually not helping my SEO at all? Also, my anchor text links could be improved- would I benefit from going back through my blog and updating them or should I just use my new linking knowledge in future posts?

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    Hi Jenelle – {Tim Here} – That’s an interesting question. I think your best bet when building links for SEO purposes is to use the URL that shows up in your browser for the page you’re linking to. So that’s the long URL and this advice is contrary to what we advise for use on your business card, etc. So I would use the URL:
    when linking to this particular item. The sub-domain redirects to the actual domain, so it’s great for use on the business card and where the url is visible because you want people to remember it and it looks better, but for links with anchor text that you’re trying to use for SEO juice, you should use the actual URL.

    For the best SEO it’s better to always point to the same area. So if you sell on your blog, and at Artfire, and at Etsy, and you’re always linking to whichever one you like the best that day, you’ll not build the kind of SEO strength that you would build if you constantly link to the same place.

    You should also link to items within your shop sometimes, and link to the main page of your shop other times. Just whatever makes sense in the context of the link. if you’re talking about an item, link to the item. if you’re talking about your shop as a whole, link to the main page.

    I wouldn’t go back and change links, but some people would. Depends on how radical you are. I usually just improve things moving forward when I learn something new.

    :-) Hope that helps. Tim

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    Another super duper share! You guys are great!!
    Wonderful advice to Jenelle Tim.
    I had the same question but she beat me to it. Thanks for the great answer.

    Love you guys!

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    Tim, I can’t thank you enough! I’ve been trying to figure it out for few weeks now. I’m happy to see that it helped Audrey out too. All the best,

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    Have linked you to the Hide A Heart blog (I tried leaving the link here, but apparently that’s not a good idea because it kicked the entire comment off into outer space).
    Thanks again for teaching and sharing so much with all of us.
    Hide A Heart

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    Thanks so much! I have some questions. I tend to leave my link after I thoughtfully comment on a blog, so that when they receive it in their e-mail, they can just click right to it, the way I do that in my webmail. My username is already the anchor text to my profile with my blog link, so am I over doing it? Next question…Did I ruin myself with all of the link love on Facebook that claimed to be all about back linking? I recently discovered site value check and alexa, and I have zero back links even though I did close to 100 giveaways in blog posts over the last year 1/2, and I advertise on blogs in their sidebars, etc. There are no links from any of these sites. Even any of the magazine interviews from big sites.

    On another note: I’d love to get a featured listing, but I don’t see my category…Maternity. Are you considering adding more categories?
    Thanks again!!
    .-= Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club´s last blog ..THE FINAL COUNTDOWN =-.

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    A lot of times when I try to put a link to my Etsy shop in a directory or another website they request that I put a reciprocal link in my Etsy shop but we don’t have the rights to update the html code in Etsy so I’m wondering how do we get reciprocal links to Etsy?

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