FedEx Etsy Discount {Save on Shipping?}

FedEx Image3So, I found out this morning that FedEx is offering Etsy Sellers a pretty decent discount. 21% off on Express {won’t be using that much} and 20% off on most other shipping services that are used by the typical Etsy seller.

For me, the main draw is FedEx Ground as an option to UPS or my normal go-to service, the Post Office. I’m not human shipping rates calculator, but I think this is going to make FedEx a better deal on larger packages around 3-5 pounds. But I don’t think it will work out as a savings on small packages which are often only a couple of bucks with the USPS.

FedEx does have much better tracking which is helpful to both seller and buyer, and the online shipping tool at is easier to use than the USPS Shipping Assistant.

I went through the process to sign-up for a new account with FedEx and it was relatively simple, though look below for a big bold important tip.

Starting Point

Check out the Etsy Program Page at

FedEx Image1

I read through most of the FAQ’s etc. and it all seemed pretty straightforward. I then just clicked on the link at the bottom of the white portion of this page that says “Apply Now” and chose to set-up a new account.

When I was done, it automatically brought me to my new account.

This is where things got a little bit annoying for a Monday morning! I went all over the place looking to see if the Etsy Program discounts were being applied. There is nothing there.

I was about to call the 800 number when I noticed that I had an email from FedEx…

FedEx Image2

I can think of a few better places for THAT information.

So, I’ll check back tomorrow and see what I see.

Here’s that link again: FedEx Etsy Discount Program

Have you had any experience shipping with FedEx? How has it worked out? Cost comparisons, anyone?



  1. says

    I still love that the Post Office will send me boxes free, come pick up my packages free and when I print shipping labels online, it gives me a discount. I can fit a TON of paper into a flat rate box!!!

  2. says

    We use fedex ground and fedex smart post. Any time we have ever had a claim with usps it was a hassle. and in the end they don’ t want to pay any time we have had a claim with fedex we filed on line and they paid with in 1 week. They are in our experience cheaper to ship for items over 4 pounds and if you use smart post cheaper than priority ( only use this for low value items as insurance is only up to 100.00) I love them . LOVE The ship rush which pulls all ebay, all paypal and all etsy transactions in .. it’s just simpler. no cutting and pasting to my fedex account etc.

  3. says

    I sell mostly jewelry and USPS rates are very reasonable for small shipments. But, I will have to check this out for my larger Vintage and Antiques items which are mostly pieces of china!

    Thanks for the heads-up !

  4. says

    Thank you for letting us know! I generally use USPS, but it sounds like Fed Ex may be cheaper for some of my heavier items (I also have jewelry & heavier vintage items). I never use the flat rate boxes, for me they end up being more expensive, since my heavier items also tend to need bigger boxes. I’ve never had a problem with USPS (only the Italian postal system, long story) so I don’t know about their refunds, but it sounds like Fed Ex is better, in this regard.

  5. says

    I am very new to selling on Etsy. Thanks for the information. I have used USPS as opposed to Fed Ex so far as the rates have been lower but I’m not sure about larger/heavier items. Also, I was wondering about printing shipping labels from PayPal. Is that the common thing to do? Do you send everything with signature delivery? Thanks again for the information!

  6. Laura says

    Has anyone determined how much the “up to 20%” savings is? Also, I read the discount for Fed-X Home is up to 17%. The customer service rep at Fed.X told me I would have to get a more accurate discount figure from Etsy…hhmm….???

  7. says

    I have been wondering about this same thing recently! My shipping costs are high, because I sell mostly large framed corkboards…the boxes are big and heavy. I signed up for a Fed Ex account, but couldn’t seem to get access to the discount. I’d love to hear if there’s a way! Right now, I’m finding UPS beats USPS on large, heavy boxes.

  8. says

    Thanks for the info! I’m headed back to selling on etsy. I have a mix of vintage jewelry and handmade accessories with my company Gilly Lynn. I think etsy will help attract buyers looking for specific items as opposed to my online shopping cart through my website.

  9. says

    My packages typically weigh less than 1lb. I am concerned about USPS changes that are going to add a day or two longer for delivery, especially for gifts sent to patients in the hospital since the normal stay is only 2.5 days now and ‘express’ or over-night delivery costs are beyond the pale. There are so many ‘outside’ the realm of my control bits it’s mind-boggling!

  10. Jess says

    Sorry to reply in an old post …
    But as a buyer, I avoid shops that ship using fedex, yes they are more reliable BUT it costs A LOT to get a package “released” by them.
    They have so many different charges PLUS customs (higher than postal package), in the end I much rather wait for the postman rather than pay fedex the amount needed.
    For comparison, last time I bought a bag costing about $100 I had to pay $90 to fedex.
    Whereas using postal airmail, at the most it’s $20.
    I don’t know if it is just my country but fedex, dhl, etc they all charge the receiver.
    For items below $50, we have to pay $5 for handling fee.

    After that I just avoid shops that ships via fedex.

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