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{Location Based Selling}

I’m sure I’m not the only one who watches the web blur by in a wave of never-ending progress. Progress to where? Not sure.

But one thing is clear… the “where” is part of the progress. Got that?


I’m talking about location. Facebook just launched Facebook Places, Google has a strong location-based search engine with Google Maps, and whole social media platforms revolve around location. We’re way behind the bandwagon having not yet tried foursquare! (but we just got new Droid phones… so lookout!)

So How Can Location Work For Etsy Sellers?


Etsy was actually way ahead of the curve on this. They’ve had the geo-locator for as long as I remember. That cool tool allows you to see what Etsy sellers are within a certain geographic area. I love to look at that when we travel. It’s also neat to watch how Etsy grows in an area over time. (there were only three in Punta Gorda when I started)

But I’ve never had that make a sale for me, that I know of. (yet)

What could we do to use location to bring in sales?

Two Ideas Come To Mind

One is really more of a thought than an idea. It’s the thought that we all really should pull together to promote Etsy as often and as hard as we can.

Imagine a day when the Etsy shop local gets a measurable share of general shopping traffic. Instead of heading to the nearest mass-market chain retailer, a buyer looks online to see what kind of unique handmade gifts they can buy locally on Etsy.

The larger the selection is, the more well-known Etsy is, the more people will do this and the more business we all get.

So promote your Etsy shop, but also promote Etsy in general as a great place to shop!

The Idea I’m Thinking Of

Is the thought of Etsy sellers having little sections in local retail establishments. How about a shop announcement that says “Local Buyers – buy these great products today at Main Street Hair Salon”. I know that some of you already do this. I think it’s a great idea.

ImageAnother thought is something along the lines of these gourmet lunch trucks that are popping up in big cities.

How about a mobile Etsy Shop? In a big enough city, it might work. Just let your social network know you’ll be at the corner of Elm and Boulevard from 10:00 to 4:00. … can it work?

Maybe I’m dreaming. Like I said… just daydreaming.

What other ways can we use the move toward location to improve our Etsy sales?


  1. says

    “…thought of Etsy sellers having little sections in local retail establishments….”
    I ♥love♥ this idea!! I’ve long thought of approaching retail shops, and the idea of a collaborative section is awesome!

    My first sale on etsy was a local buyer that found me on shop local! I was thrilled, and it was really special that I was able to hand deliver the bracelets.

    I try to always promote etsy as a whole… it’s success=my success… hopefully in a big way. Sometimes I feel like it’s an uphill battle, being in the saturated jewelry category, but I am doing my part and hope that it pays off in the end.
    .-= Jessica/soulenergy´s last blog ..Just Get Here if You Can- Treasury Challenge! Come Look and Vote! =-.

  2. says

    Love your ideas!! I definitely think they are possible and such a great way for small shops to get noticed with collaborative effort. Thanks for sharing and I love your blog!!!

  3. says

    Lovely ideas! I do have a few items for sale locally at an ice cream parlor. Kettering Corner in Annville,PA and
    my husband used to work construction with fond memories of the “lunch wagon” He always talks about doing the same thing with my handmade items. The workers could do Christmas/Birthday/Just because shopping for their loved ones without going in a store!;)

  4. says

    I started thinking of an idea with my tassel business last year…gleaning from my knowledge of home parties (I was a Pampered Chef consultant for three years), I wonder what a “Tassel Party” might be like. I never said anything to anyone but my husband, who wanted me to develop the idea more before I asked anyone here to host one (of course I was going to host the first one and just see where it went), but I had a customer ask me about it the other day, and even volunteered to host the first one!

    Custom-made tassels (and really tassels in general) are not well known in my neck of the woods, so being able to let people see first hand what tassels are and how to decorate with them would be so helpful for people to understand why they neeeeed one! : )

  5. says

    Your ideas are sound but in my area you need to think more outside of the box. I have approached many many retailers and have been told that they are full up on jewelry. That they already have 3-5 that they work with already, etc. The craft shows, too. The last two I have applied to have been full up on jewelry. So, I’m thinking home parties. I have friends that sell makeup. So, in conjunction with them and a night of my time, I can meet potentials to make sales.
    .-= Allison East´s last blog ..Rowan Atkinson is Doctor Who =-.

  6. says

    I do home parties and they have been Very successful. So good in fact, I have stopped doing outdoor craft shows. I hate worrying about the weather! Home shows are relaxed and shopper friendly. I love the one on one interaction with my customers. Have one at a friends home and it is very cost effective…serve some beverages and snacks and you are good to go!
    Janet xox
    .-= janet metzger´s last blog ..John Barleycorn Unisex Chunky Cowel with Shipping Included =-.

  7. says

    Hi! I think we should start a “shop local” campaign! Surely that would lessen our carbon footprint (which I personally find an appealing idea). Maybe sellers could even offer a delivery service for an extra charge… Hand delivery has a lovely sound to it. I live in the rocky mountain west, so even shopping within a few states could count as local shopping…. I already use the geography feature when shopping for relatives in Europe. (That just makes sense.) Makes sense to shop locally, too!

  8. Stephannie Goodman says

    We are fortunate enough in my area to have a many small boutique establishments that carry unique handmade items. I have been shopping at these shops for years. It was only until recently that a friend introduced me to Etsy. Since being introduced to this wonderful place I am now able to venture out in the web world of handmade items. I love all of it. I shop locally and globally now!

    I did use the geolocater last year and found a great seller in my town! Unfortunatly I was unable to meet her in person but I loved her stuff. She provided a unique baby gift for a friend. It was a major hit. I still use the geo locater to take a look at my other neighbors. Love it.

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