Improve Etsy Sales Using Color Names — Or Just For Fun

If this isn’t the idea of the century, it’s close. Well, maybe I’m biased because I’m a complete color fanatic and this post just gets me all tingly.

Here’s the source of my good vibes:

Name That Color

I found a cool site where you can see the name for any color.

Kimberly, The Color

I had no idea. I can’t decide what I think about the particular hue that has my name. I might have picked something else, but it is very similar to lavender, so maybe it is right after all.

This isn’t 100% perfect as I didn’t see a couple of my favorite paint colors, Kayak Yellow and Lattice Red, both from Ralph Lauren paints.

Perfection, however, isn’t required for the marketing thought it brought to mind for those of us working hard to get those sales on Etsy.

Use Fun Color Names In Item Descriptions

It doesn’t matter where you get the name for your color. You might use that website, or you might use the name from the paint you used. The idea is to use fun, interesting, and descriptive names for your colors. This will excite the imagination of the potential buyer reading about your item.

You’ll soon be selling so much you’ll have UPS and FedEx fighting over your account while you try and decide between the trip to Hawaii or the week at a spa in Sedona.

For More Color Inspiration, Check Out These Sites

Pic2Color lets you upload an image or just put in a url to an image already online and get a color palette generated from it. You can then use those hex codes at the color name site above to find out the name. It’s fun.


Did you know? If you’re using Windows you can right click on most images you see online and select “copy image url” and that will give you the direct url to that image.

The Meaning of ColorsYou gotta wonder… I bet it pays to understand some of this.

MultiColor Search Flickr Tool – Way cool! I’ve enjoyed this for over a year and wish I remembered to look at it more! A great way to get inspired or an emotional pick-me-up!



So, my big idea is to use more descriptive color names, but I know you must have some thought about colors too! I’d love to hear them. A conversation about colors can’t be anything but good in my book!

Have a great week! ~ Kim


  1. says

    Thank you! I have hard time with this especially for my earrings. Sometimes the purchase tags don’t have to exact color and so I find myself in a crazy online search. The trouble with my old method is that you need to determine or guess what color you’re looking for. Since sometimes I have no clue it proves to be difficult. So I search wildly for e.g Shades of yellow and go through all the results until I find the perfect match. This should really help me out.

    Thanks again.

  2. says

    I love all the amazing colors described by sellers on etsy and, of course, by fabric and surface designers. Right now the colors tangerine and tinsel occupy my imagination. Can’t wait to play with the color toys you have linked to :-)
    .-= rosie/the fabric shopper´s last blog ..Quilt Inspiration =-.

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