Twenty Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Etsy Shop

We’ve brought back a blast from the past post here today.  Many Etsians have told us that this post was helpful to them, so we thought it would be good to offer the information again.  Enjoy!

One of the cool things about Etsy is that you can sell as much as you can make! There are no limits, other than the fact that you have to sleep! And you may have kids to feed, and a house to clean, but hey, you gotta pay the bills, right? (or get money to buy more crafts!)

But you can’t sell anything at all unless you get people to your Etsy Shop! They have to know you’re there first, then they have to be interested enough to come to your shop and explore!

Here are twenty great ways to get more traffic to your Etsy Shop:

  1. List items during peak hours
  2. Make a Treasury
  3. Re-list your bestselling items frequently
  4. Start a blog and use it to promote your shop
  5. Use Etsy-Mini’s on your blog or websites
  6. Write a blog post about your Etsy products
  7. Comment on the blogs of other Etsy sellers
  8. Write guest posts on other blogs
  9. Gain exposure through blog giveaways
  10. Have freinds and family put your Etsy-Mini on their blogs
  11. Make business cards and give them out
  12. Use nice packaging to build your brand
  13. Use promotions to reward repeat business or referrals
  14. Advertise in Etsy Showcases
  15. Join Etsy teams to network
  16. Participate in Team promotions
  17. Put-up flyers at church, school, local bulletin boards
  18. Participate in Forums and Discussion Groups
  19. Advertise off-line such as newspaper or magazines
  20. Advertise on Blogs – Such as this one!

In making this list we came up with at least twenty more and many of the ideas that made the cut here are summary descriptions of ideas that can break down into many more detailed ideas! The point is that the options are endless and you can get traffic to your Etsy Shop.

What has worked for you in the past?


  1. says

    I have heard many things about the peak hours. I try all different times during the day to relist but some good times are in the morning when people are waking up or starting work, lunch time and in the evening when people are on the computer after they put their kids to bed.

    I have heard mixed reviews about 5pm. Some people say it is a good time but other say it is not.

  2. says

    Great tips! If you relist an item that the listing is still active ……does your item get displayed as a newly listed item?…..also………does this add to the time that the listing is good ( example 4 months plus the 1 month remaining… listing now runs for 5 months)or does it start a new 4 month listing?

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