Holiday Cheer

As Gussy, girl who loves to talk, nothing says “it’s the holiday” like stacks and stacks of cards received in the mail throughout the month of December. Not only do I love to talk, but I love to read. Thanksgiving and Christmas are a time of family gatherings…

Christmas cards seal the deal.

Once the cards start arriving in the mail there’s no going back; They bring a type of excitement that can’t be easily reproduced.

I love to decorate our home with Christmas cards. Usually we hang a long string and add them as they arrive. I keep them up for a few weeks past Christmas, then switch them out with the next round of holiday cards {usually birthdays}. It’s a fun way to showcase the people in our lives.

Etsy is bursting with cards of creativity and color. You hardly have to look to find them nowadays. The season is fast-approaching…

I love the simplicity of color in this card:


{screen print gift enclosure cards}

And in this card, too:


{festive paisley cards}

This card is fun — it brightens up a kitchen when showcased on the fridge:


{holiday photo cards}

It’s obvious this designer was looking to imitate a holiday-decorating staple: a Christmas tree. Very cute!


{printable cards}

And for the family that goes out-of-town over the holidays, this card is most appropriate:


{oh Christmas Tree}

What types of family traditions do you have? Do you normally buy store-bought cards, or something from a local handmade shop? Or maybe the cards you buy aren’t local, yet still handmade…?

We haven’t decided what we’ll do this year. I want to keep looking, but I know I can’t take too long. Most cards are custom and require a few days to a few weeks to create and ship.

Happy hunting!


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    I love them! I’ve been looking around etsy too for some Christmas goodies.

    My mum always puts a string up for Christmas cards just like that, Gus. We haven’t received enough to do it ourselves in our 5 years of being married but I dream of the day it finally happens!

    We have lots of traditions when it comes to Christmas. One of my favourites is the baubles my mum would make for the tree. We never had actual baubles because she would get squares of seran wrap and put a handful of chocolate Smarties (in the UK. m&m’s would be your equivalent) in the middle then tie it up with ribbon so it’s a ball of polka dotty, chocolatey goodness. We’d hang them on the tree and often get banned from being in close proximity because those suckers just beg to be popped out of the plastic wrap and eaten secretly!

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    I make my cards the first weekend in October- if I wait any later life gets too crazy and they get pushed to the back of the to-do list and I end up with a panic attack, sending cheap Dollar Store cards that don’t get sent until after New Year’s. Unfortunately, this year I only got half of them finished in October, so I’m hoping to find a weeknight soon to finish the rest! We don’t get many cards, so the few we do get put out to decorate a window sill or a shelf- but I can’t imagine not sending them!

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