We’re Giving Away Dough! Featured Shop – Do Si Dough

Bare Bones play dough 4 oz.

Today’s featured Etsy Shop is Do Si Dough and we’re giving some away!  That’s right, free dough for castle and flower building!  Hey, it’s good for your stress level! (Or you can give it to your kids.)

Cynthia at Do Si Dough makes wonderful all natural play dough!  She even sells subscriptions so her customers, and their very happy kids, can receive a new color of dough each month!  How cool is that?

She has all the basic colors (with or without glitter) and unusual colors like black, brown, and natural!  We have black and it’s so neat for cars, cats, or whatever else you might dream up.  Cynthia lovingly packages each ball of dough in a tin and puts her fingerprint on the top so you know it was made ba a real person!  Vanilla or peppermint can be added to the dough to keep it fresh longer and it makes it smell yummy!  (Like cookies and candies, but don’t eat it!)

Bare Bones play dough 4 oz.

Do Si Dough makes chalk, crayons, and other natural products for children.  Cynthia started selling  her dough on Etsy over a year ago  when another Etsy Artist talked her into it!  It’s such a unique product and she really cares about keeping kiddos safe with natural/non-toxic toys!  The colors of all her products are beautiful, and she is so creative and funny!  Just reading her item descriptions will make you laugh out loud!

Black and White Sidewalk Chalk Tin

We’ve heard everyone is a little short on dough this time of year!  So, we’ve decided to give away a little dough of our own!  What kind of dough are we giving away?  Pink dough!  Perfect for making pretty hearts!

If that’s not enough dough for ya, visit ForeverWherever.com and sign up to win another tin of dough!  That one’s going to be Rainbow Sherbert!

Pink Play Dough 4 oz. tin

Here’s how it works!

Visit Do Si Dough and come back to this post and leave a comment about your favorite item.  You might have done something like this in the past!  This will enter your name one time.

If you REALLY want to win all that dough, subscribe to our email feed (the one on the right where it says “Email Me”  and we’ll enter your name again!  Two chances to win just like that!

Then you just need to hop on over to ForeverWherever.com to read more about Cynthia at Do Si Dough.  There you will find 2 chances to win Rainbow Sherbert dough!  (It’s like the Amazing Race or something…go, go, go!)

You can sign up until December 28th.  The winner will be announced on the 29th.

Good Luck!


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    Thanks Sarah, Jennie, and Spooky…

    Looks to me like you guys are working with some pretty strong odds here. A brand new blog is a good place to sign-up for a giveaway! Thanks for the subscriptions. We’re going to be adding a whole lot of new content soon. We have some upcoming interviews with Etsy Sellers and some other ideas up our sleeves. If there is anything in particular that might be interesting to you, let us know.

    Merry Christmas!

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